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6 Dec

It has been some time, dear reader, since I have posted a traditional entry to this weblog. A ‘traditional entry’  is a combination of a brief passage about something that has taken my fancy, a list of things I’ve learned recently, and a haiku. So, let us begin with this hilarious display of predictability.

Some things that have taken my fancy of late include Glee, and Avatar.

Glee is excellent for a number of reasons. I’m a big fan of show tunes, I like cover versions of songs a little bit too much, and some of the characters really do have great voices. So, the music aspect gets an A-. Something else a little bit out of the ordinary is the depth of characters and the development of them throughout the series. I don’t watch a lot of TV, really. It’s mostly restricted to ABC kids shows. I don’t remember the last time I got really into a series on commercial TV (that said, I never watch Glee on TV, I download each episode as they’re released in the US.) so, I don’t know if it’s normal to have characters like this in ‘popular’ shows.
I’ve sort of found that there aren’t any characters who are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, as such. In most cases, they have so many different aspects affecting who they are, it’s impossible to judge them. Strangely, the characters who are least likable, in my opinion, are the ones without this to-ing and fro-ing are they nice or are they utter wankers?? People like Will Schuester, Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson are the only really 2 dimensional characters. The supporting cast, Artie, Tina, Kurt, Quinn, Puck, Terri, even Ken the junkie gym teacher are the ones who grow on you the most, because they have obvious faults and challenges, but you can’t put them into boxes.
The biggest example is Sue Sylvester, who is assumed to be EVIL for the most part of the season… She surprised me on a couple of occasions and proved herself to be worthy of admiration.
So, Glee is pretty good and I’m looking forward to the season finale.

AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER! Not Avatar, the film about blue people FROM SPACE. When I see the shorts for that, I’m forcibly reminded of Eiffel 65. Seriously, if that song doesn’t end up on the soundtrack somewhere, I’ll be appalled.
Anyhoo, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Golly gee I like it. I’m always impressed when I see ‘kids’ shows that are genuinely funny, interesting, exciting, etc. Writers of such shows deserve praise, and chocolates. Lots of chocolates and possibly hero worship.
So, there’s a movie version coming out, which as far as I can tell is going to be the slumdog millionare chasing a plump american child around the place. Afore mentioned plump child will be aided by Jasper from Twilight (note, I intend to write an essay about the failings of that series as a blog post later on) and a girl whose only acting experience seems to be playing “hot girl #1” in a variety of shows aimed at preteens.

I’m not even going to bother crossing my fingers.

Seriously, it can’t work. It just can’t. Avatar was magical and cute and hilarious and made me wish I was of an age where I could get away with dressing like Toph and throwing rocks at people. It will go down the path of Harry Potter, or The Golden Compass and other attempts to take wonderful stories and turn them into movies. That path leads to flames and death.

Flames. and. death.

Applications are now open for people who want to come to Animania 2010 with me. My sister and I went this year, rather, my sister went and I followed her around with a camera, results of which can be found here. I want to get into the cosplay scene because going to a convention like that in casual clothes makes you feel lamezorz.

I’m not going to list things I’ve learned, because this post is too long and self-indulgent already. Keep eyes peeled for updates of Mango Trypping, and of course, my entirely objective rant about Twilight, coming soon!

The only problem
with Avatar is choosing:
Sokka or Zuko??



15 Jul

It has been quite some time, hasn’t it? I won’t deny that I’ve been incredibly lazy with this blog, but do not blame me! NOTHING interesting happens on holidays…not compared to time spent at uni. Social isolation + children to care for = very little to write about.

But today I saw an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, an amazing kids’ TV show featuring an elongated red pimple-ball, a pink teardrop with a flower growing out of her skull, a bipolar long armed green thing, an arctic cat with a distaste for yoghurt, a bland yellow robot, and the wonderful DJ Lance Rock. Oh, how his orange jumpsuit fills me with glee.

Today’s episode was about robots. It featured a segment that I think was a veiled message about the dangers of creating AI machines (they started to build more of their kind to be ‘friends’ with… It probably should’ve ended with a violent universal takeover, humankind enslaved forever…). BUT the most wonderful thing about this episode was the Cool Tricks section, where a familiar face volunteered to show us his cool trick… (this isn’t the actual segment on Yo Gabba Gabba, because I can’t find that yet, but you get the gist…just imagine this, but with a really bright coloured background, and about 4 minutes longer.)

It made my day, honestly. Almost as much as the Jack Black episode did.

Other things that have been going on include me being in Queensland and conducting an experiment of sorts I liked to call ‘For how long can El not eat before dying?’. Science. I learnt that it only takes about 2 days before I start to get dizzy. It also gave me an idea for this week’s Challenge…(remember those? I HAVE been quite slack…).

The Challenge:
Find a place in Canberra that sells good quality frozen yoghurt. They have it EVERYWHERE in Brisbane. It’s just not fair.

Next week is BUSH WEEK, which should be excellent. The HvZ stall will be up and running, hundreds of sign-ups being taken, etc… I just need to track down some bamboo in order to finish my banners. Or maybe broom handles. Guess we’ll see.

And my haiku, detailing the only useful thing I’ve achieved today;

Picking my lab times,
Stuck doing the HPO
With zero knowledge.