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This is almost chemistry

30 Mar

How awesome is glass? I was having this conversation with someone earlier about how awesome glass is, and I think the conclusion we reached was that glass is pretty darn awesome.

I mean that from aesthetic and chemical points of view, but this post I am drafting while I should be studying will be focussing on the aesthetics.

OOH PRETTY GLASS! (click images for links to artists/pages I got the pics)

But this stuff dissolves glass. Whoa. Imagine being the dude who found that out first.

This is also almost chemistry:

What was that Knorr up to? Well, I guess it’s to be expected, seeing as “chemistry is just small cooking that you don’t want to eat.”

Aaaaand my last almost chemistry screenshot:

This cat is apparently named Triphenylphosphine Oxide.

Goodnight, world!