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Oh what’s this? I have a blog?

22 Mar

I completely forgot about you, silly little blog. I’m terribly sorry. I have been busy, you see. I got Pokemon Black, so that’s stolen about 30 hours of my life so far. I say stolen, I mean taken from me lovingly, with tenderness and understanding. Pokemon knows that I crave accomplishment, and it gives me what I want by telling me my Pokemon are getting more and more awesome at everything.

Also, I got Majesty 2. I am currently fighting a dark wizard who I am quite certain is David Bowie. I will send dwarves after him, and reduce his funky, funky tower of evil to rubble.

Also, I have school. School is like a fog of not-quite-there. I spend so much time in lectures, and I think I absorb most of it, like dry inert material absorbs minor spillages of water. There are moments I think I know everything in the universe, (usually when I’m listening to downbeat electronica), and there are moments I feel my true calling is to sleep a lot and spend the rest of my time trying to find a way to get paid to sleep a lot.

I also work now, only a few hours a week, but it means I have some money I can spend occasionally. I will spend it on wool and woollen clothes, and crochet hooks, and more wool, because one day, I will live in London and I think they all wear wool there pretty much all year. Also stockings.

I found this song on my ipod, and it has probably been there for about a year, but I’d never heard it, and I really like it. Please, like it with me.



(They were on Yo Gabba Gabba one time. And you all thought I was over that obsession, didn’t you?)




Living the dream

11 Dec

This is a screenshot of my desktop a couple of days ago. Note how freaking awesome it is, and by extension, how brilliant I am.

Ways to make Pokemon games more awesome

2 Dec

Dear Nintendo,

Here are some suggestions.

  • Instead of a Pokedex, players should have regularly updated versions of Bulbapedia or Serebii that can be accessed in-game.
  • Players should be able to wear cool hats, or have some level of control over costume and physical appearance.
  • Pokemon should look physically different depending on which of their stats are highest, ie, a Pikachu with boosted speed should look small and streamlined, while one with boosted special attack should have more vibrant cheeks and glow and look badass.
  • There should be more open-ended gameplay, like buying and furnishing a house or going into different Pokemon-related careers, like side-quests for being a Pokemon professor or specialised breeder.
  • There should be a clinic where Pokemon can have sex-changes.
  • Pokemon sprites should change depending on how they’re feeling, like Neopets (not that Neopets have ANYTHING on Pokemon, it’d just be cool.)
  • In double battles, there should be certain moves that can pair up with each other, like various types should be able to boost each other’s attack power.

I think I’ll go back to playing Pokemon now.

You be the judge…

13 Feb

I was checking my stats, and here’s a fun search term someone used to get to this blog…

I like that this person clearly thinks Jimmy Giggle is worthy of stalking (do you agree?), but hasn’t taken the ‘imdb to find his real name before searching for his facebook account’ approach. That said, I’m making a huge assumption…perhaps his name really is James Giggle. He was destined for children’s TV if that’s the case.

At the moment, I am listening to this song on loop, and I think everyone should listen to it and tell me what it reminds them of. I’ll give you a hint; classic N64 game… What do you think?

EDIT: Give this a listen, and see what you think of the resemblance. I’m not trying to accuse anyone of anything, I really love when songs sound like each other. It crosses up all the little nostalgia wires in my brain.

SAVING… Do not turn off the power!

21 Jun

Remember that glitch in 1st and 2nd gen Pokemon games, where you’d switch off the game while it was saving and clone things? Good fun. I remember I was in the process of making a MILLION Masterballs in Gold using that glitch when the game’s internal battery finally died, wiping my file and casting my Growlithe and Typhlosion out into cyber-limbo.

It’s actually hilarious how sentimental I can get about Pokemon. My first ever Pikachu was like my best friend… He was with me through my appendectomy, most of year 4 and 5, and then was deleted by my little brother. I cried for a week. Even now, my lovely Shinx, Aether, has become like a child to me. Seeing her destroyed by that HORRIBLE Kingdra brought me to tears. TEARS!

Stupid Kingdra.

Anyway, freedom is sweet, albeit a little boring. I mean, I have Pokemon, which is AWESOME, but other than that, I’m at a loss for things to do! I’m thinking of buying sheets and making HvZ banners with fabric paint and red dye. Anyone who wants to help is more than welcome.

So, back to things I have learned:

  • Rice pudding is really nice.
  • My dog has a friend. It’s this scary looking black dog that can jump our fence. They run around and chase each other, but don’t seem to want to kill one another or mate, so I approve of the relationship. Gave me a start when I looked out my window and saw a strange dog in the yard though.
  • My dreams are getting back to their normal levels of weirdness. Last night’s was PARTICULARLY trippy. It involved friends studying for a psych exam in a greenhouse surrounded by pebbles.
  • Karaoke on VH1 late on Saturday nights is a wonderful, wonderful thing. The quality of songs, well, never have I seen so many HITS in a row. *downloads Karma Chameleon*
  • Maths exams are pretty horrible… But I guess we all already knew that.

Any suggestions for fun things to do on my holidays would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and Tuxedo Mask, I know who you are now. Jolly good show, sir.

I caught a Psyduck,
It’s pretty useless, really…
But adorable. 🙂

Back from the Brink…

10 Jun

Well, it has indeed been a while (like what, a week?), and I’m very sorry for being so neglectful.

In my time away, my love of covers has grown. Some fantastic ones include Dr Dog covering Architecture in Helsinki’s Heart it Races, and the Arctic Monkeys throwing down an Amy Winehouse track.
Best of all is this little gem. To anyone familiar with Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend, the line ‘This feels so unnatural, Peter Gabriel too…’ should be recognisable. So, obvious move, get Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip to cover the track in a splendid laid-back fashion.

And in other music news, go to MGMT’s website and watch the new official video for Kids. I really don’t like it, and I can’t listen to the song anymore, because all I can see when I hear it is that poor child being terrified. Although, it is ALMOST worth it for the slow verse, where Andrew and Ben are wearing silver lycra and amazing eyemakeup… Golly gee.
But other than how pretty MGMT is, it’s a scary clip.

Things I’ve learned;

  • Paramore?
  • Either my alcohol is out of key, or is hiding amidst ester…carboxylic acid…
  • Pneumonics are trendy.
  • Hat-tricks of hatred are only good for alliteration.
  • When you start DREAMING about playing Pokemon Platinum, you should probably stop playing it in real life.
  • When you start seeing falling Tetris blocks every time you close your eyes, you should probably stop playing it in real life.
  • Who am I kidding? I live for Tetris.
  • My old pink iPod still works a little, just needed to be charged. Smells all fruit salady.

I’m reading Russell Brand’s autobiography at the moment, My Bookywook, and it’s enlightening. I admit, his childhood does explain a lot, the poor deary. But anyway, Russell Brand is someone we should all look up to, despite his troubled past. I listened to an old “Best Of” podcast (Russell had a show on BBC2 which was very controversially cancelled) that featured a debate between ol’ Russ and Richard Dawkins, (The God Delusion). It was AMAZING. Obviously ‘Dickie’ Dawkins was arguing for the non-existence of any higher power, but Russell was arguing for a ‘God’ like Einstein proposed; a uniting energy rather than a personification. Never have I heard such an intelligent debate. Russell Brand; you are a hero of men, and I will follow you when you begin your revolution of love.

Wish I’d lived back then,
Wish I had a vibraphone,
Wish I had a dress.