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Music to watch car crashes in slow motion to

8 Mar


It just is, you know? Quietly, almost beautifully depressing. It’s a subconscious depressing quality, though. You don’t realise you’re being depressed by the gentle tones until you notice you’re imagining what it would be like to bleed to death on a kitchen floor.

Unpleasant, I decided. But Thom Yorke soothed that a little.

I’m not a die hard Radiohead fangirl. I’ve heard most of the relevant stuff, and I like it all with a laid back almost-enthusiasm, but I certainly didn’t go crazy when I found out The King of Limbs was being released. I listened to it out of curiosity.

As with any major musical release, Pitchfork seemed to have a lot to say about it. It’s a bit involved for us non-fanatical-music-reviewers though, so I did you all the service of editing it down to the essential ‘review’y part. (read: I put a red line through anything that sounded remotely pretentious.)

There you have it. It’s lovely. I really like this album. I’d give it higher than 7.9. In fact (WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL OPINION APPROACHING) I like it more than In Rainbows.


Pitchfork did, however, enlighten me to the impending release of more Broken Bells, which can only be a good thing. Internet is too slow to let me actually listen to the mentioned track, though. You should leave a comment describing it in words for me.

I had weird dreams last night/this morning after my alarm should’ve gone off but didn’t. Here they are, summarised as a handy comic series.

Also, this is what we did in medicinal today. Strangely, it doesn’t reflect how I feel about the course content, just how I feel about everything else I have to do.