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Oh what’s this? I have a blog?

22 Mar

I completely forgot about you, silly little blog. I’m terribly sorry. I have been busy, you see. I got Pokemon Black, so that’s stolen about 30 hours of my life so far. I say stolen, I mean taken from me lovingly, with tenderness and understanding. Pokemon knows that I crave accomplishment, and it gives me what I want by telling me my Pokemon are getting more and more awesome at everything.

Also, I got Majesty 2. I am currently fighting a dark wizard who I am quite certain is David Bowie. I will send dwarves after him, and reduce his funky, funky tower of evil to rubble.

Also, I have school. School is like a fog of not-quite-there. I spend so much time in lectures, and I think I absorb most of it, like dry inert material absorbs minor spillages of water. There are moments I think I know everything in the universe, (usually when I’m listening to downbeat electronica), and there are moments I feel my true calling is to sleep a lot and spend the rest of my time trying to find a way to get paid to sleep a lot.

I also work now, only a few hours a week, but it means I have some money I can spend occasionally. I will spend it on wool and woollen clothes, and crochet hooks, and more wool, because one day, I will live in London and I think they all wear wool there pretty much all year. Also stockings.

I found this song on my ipod, and it has probably been there for about a year, but I’d never heard it, and I really like it. Please, like it with me.



(They were on Yo Gabba Gabba one time. And you all thought I was over that obsession, didn’t you?)