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Music to watch car crashes in slow motion to

8 Mar


It just is, you know? Quietly, almost beautifully depressing. It’s a subconscious depressing quality, though. You don’t realise you’re being depressed by the gentle tones until you notice you’re imagining what it would be like to bleed to death on a kitchen floor.

Unpleasant, I decided. But Thom Yorke soothed that a little.

I’m not a die hard Radiohead fangirl. I’ve heard most of the relevant stuff, and I like it all with a laid back almost-enthusiasm, but I certainly didn’t go crazy when I found out The King of Limbs was being released. I listened to it out of curiosity.

As with any major musical release, Pitchfork seemed to have a lot to say about it. It’s a bit involved for us non-fanatical-music-reviewers though, so I did you all the service of editing it down to the essential ‘review’y part. (read: I put a red line through anything that sounded remotely pretentious.)

There you have it. It’s lovely. I really like this album. I’d give it higher than 7.9. In fact (WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL OPINION APPROACHING) I like it more than In Rainbows.


Pitchfork did, however, enlighten me to the impending release of more Broken Bells, which can only be a good thing. Internet is too slow to let me actually listen to the mentioned track, though. You should leave a comment describing it in words for me.

I had weird dreams last night/this morning after my alarm should’ve gone off but didn’t. Here they are, summarised as a handy comic series.

Also, this is what we did in medicinal today. Strangely, it doesn’t reflect how I feel about the course content, just how I feel about everything else I have to do.


First report

31 Jan

Just thought I’d let cyberspace know that my first serious attempt to lucid dream has convinced me that I’m severely abnormal in the dream-department. I spent most of the night waking up and telling myself to go back to sleep and have lucid dreams, then in the morning, I realised that I didn’t actually wake up at all, and I was dreaming myself wanting to dream.

On a different note, this is one of my favourite TV moments. (links back to the tumblr it came from)

My Project

30 Jan

I’m going to start writing down every dream I have again. I used to keep dream diaries, they got pretty bizarre.
Ability to recall dreams increases with practice, so regularly recalling and writing down dreams just makes you better at dreaming. I want to be good at dreaming so I can start doing crazy things in my head; write things, imagine characters, practice music, etc.

So I will be writing down my dreams every day for a year. I won’t post them (I’ll probably hand write them), but I’ll keep a record of how much better I get at dreaming, see if I can’t start regularly lucid dreaming, which would be cool.

This is all very Inception-inspired.


Doing some blogging

20 Jan

Hey there, check this out. I’m going to do some blogging.

Last night (read: this morning) I had some weird dreams. I can divide them into three separate stories, I think.

The first was about a new facebook app that was growing popular, where you could answer a series of personality questions and the app would build a visual representation of your ‘mind’ that you could then share and compare. Basically, it came out as lots of multicoloured dots swarming around. Depending on your levels of optimism, energy, mental stability, etc, it would show these dots in various colours and moving at different speeds. You could see which of your friends were introverts and which were extroverts (because you totally didn’t already know that on account of being friends with them or anything), by looking at how fast their dots were moving.

Weird. I think it was because I watched this TED talk then spent a while playing with this thing last night.

The second dream was about a physics project I was supposed to do. Students were given a fish tank and a sample of this weird metal (looked like mercury, but I assume it wasn’t, because I would’ve KNOWN. I am a chemist!) and this metal would react with air if it warmed above, like, 3 degrees C. It didn’t seem toxic, just spongy and gooey and kind of cool. So we had to find a way to transport it (unreacted) using the fish tank and a thing with spiky bits on it that did something electrical.

Alex James of Blur was our tutor. It was a good dream.

The last dream just had something to do with hedgehogs and edible balloons.

Other things that have happened today include me finding a freaking accordion. I sort of had this feeling that there was an accordion in our house somewhere, probably because I’d seen it ages ago, and why would anyone throw out an accordion?? So I strapped a light to my head and climbed into the linen cupboard and spent about twenty minutes looking. I found this weird coat that felt all oily and smelled strange, but I expect a family of possums is living in it, so I left it.

BUT then I found the accordion. It’s pretty brilliant, all old and cracked and musty-smelling. There’s a big panel missing and the strap is broken, but I reckon I can fix it with some wood glue and some nails…  Some of the buttons need to be replaced too. I’ll try and find a camera and upload a pic of it soon. I think I will learn to play it, then join a Rapskallion-esque band and tour the world.

That’s the plan.

Here’s another picture I drew on my sister’s tablet last night. It’s pretty average but I’m getting more used to the whole…drawing on a tablet thing….