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Finishing What I Start

2 Jul

I’ve come to the conclusion that I very rarely finish what I start.

Here is a list of the name of blog posts that are currently listed under ‘drafts’ on my blog dashboard;

Review: Palm Islands, Dubai

A Message

Review: Chris Baio

A Community?

Review: The Scale

Review: This Blog

Review: Spider Removal Techniques

Review: Procrastination Through Paint

Review: Ceiling Fans

Review: Skinny Jeans

Review: 4am

Review: Exams

Review: Night Driving

Review: Romantic Friendships

The Sky Grows Ever Darker


I wonder if I’ll ever actually finish any of these posts? Considering that Finish What I Start was sitting in my drafts folder for a good few days, the outlook is not good.

So here is a microreview of each thing, and then some more things. Research them if you’re that interested or bored. Remember, they’re ‘star’ ratings, so 5 pretty much wins out. Same way boys are objectified and rated, (out of 5, not as much variation as the ladies, so a smaller gradient is required)


Palm Islands, Dubai – 4 stars

Chris Baio – 4.5 stars

The Scale – 2 stars

This Blog – 2.2 stars

Spider Removal Techniques – 4 stars

Procrastination Through Paint – 3.8 stars

Ceiling Fans – 2 stars

Skinny Jeans – 2.5 stars

4am – 4.33 stars

Exams – 3 stars

Night Driving – 3.6 stars

Romantic Friendships – 4.7 stars

Thenewno2 – 4.89 stars (so far)

Sleep – 3.7 stars

External Hard drives – 5 stars

Windows 7 – More stars than Vista


I think that’ll do for now. This album is creeping me out, but it’s…compelling… (which album? Hint; I gave it the square root of 23.9121 stars…)

Enjoy your weekends, WRAABMovers.

Actually, that sounds pretentious and stupid. I’ll stick to calling you ‘dear readers’.


Review: Retrospect

10 Jun

Retrospect has been known to flicker in and out of vogue, and if current vibes are anything to go on, retrospect is making a comeback this season.
Yes, that’s right ladies. Head to those cupboards and pull out everything that reminds you of the past, wear it proudly, and recall with a quiet smile just how different a person you would’ve been back then if you’d known what you know now. It’s like the eighties, but with less neon.

So exactly what is it about retrospect that has critics going mad right now?

Think about it.

Retrospect has a frightening tendency to rear its ugly head in the most bizarre situations, and usually to the most frustrating ends.

You find yourself in a position that you never imagined you’d be in. Maybe it’s understanding a concept that you failed horrifically at a year ago, being able to drive when you never imagined getting off your Ls, being friends with people you never thought you’d be friends with, feeling at home in a building that once terrified you…

Retrospect, I can find myself lost in your icy tendrils of recollection for hours. Especially when I should be studying.

4 stars.

Review: Cutesy Music

9 Jun

As a genre, cutesy music tends to be a bit ‘hit and miss’. Some bands pull it off well while others can be novel for a listen or two, but then make you want to hop on a tricycle and run over your own hands.

Architecture in Helsinki fall into both categories, flailing between the extremes energetically.

Good cute.
Bad cute.
Good cute.
BAD cute.

That said, it’s all mighty subjective and I sort of like all Architecture in Helsinki… There’s just something pleasant about how badly that girl can sing…

Yes, I can see the similarities...

People like Kimya Dawson tend to fall into the second category.

Hmm, I guess that’s sort of indie and sweet…
Oh, another one? Well, that’d be good in a generic indie movie soundtrack…
But, but, you’re flat and it’s so conflictingly sweet and discordant…

She has the hair for it

Once again, I kind of like it, but then hate myself for it.

Cutesy music, you confuse the heck out of me.

2.5 stars