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Bioinformatics Notes: The Second Installment

31 Oct

Also, the second half of the conversations were in someone else’s book. I’m not just a crazy person writing notes to themselves. I’m occasionally much more than that.


I know I’m arriving really late to the Neon Indian party, but gosh darn am I loving this song.





Band name winning

2 Sep

Great band name. Super song. Horrible video. Friday is going swell.



Here is an example of the sorts of things we’re learning in bioinformatics at the moment.

My version  of note-taking might be a little less than helpful when the exam rolls around. I might also point out I’m only responsible for the G-rated material. You can thank Twitch for the eloquent response to my scribbles.

Today is a two song-day. If you haven’t heard this yet, you’re living in a sad, dark world. Hit play and greet the world of the LIGHT!


Repeating an anecdote

28 May

I can’t remember if I’ve ever done a post about the following anecdote, but I have a tendency to tell the same stories over and over anyway, so people should just deal with it.

Once upon a time, I was looking after my neighbours’ plants while they were away. To water plants in their yard, I had to unlock a gate with keys they’d given me and I’d attached to my own house/car keys. The padlock in question was on the inside of the gate, which is a bit taller than me and completely solid. More like a door, really. So I would lean over it awkwardly and blindly stab at the padlock with the key until the latch clicked.

I was doing this one day, when the keys escaped my hand and fell onto the wrong side of the locked gate.

After a brief tantrum, the reality of my situation truly dawned on me and I realised that I really couldn’t retrieve my keys without scaling the gate.

I clawed at the gate for a bit, searching for footholds. There were none. Would other neighbours recognise me as the carer of the plants, or would they assume I was trying to break in to steal camellias? I couldn’t be sure. I gave up climbing the gate.

There must be another weak point along this fence line, I thought. I walked the perimeter looking for a new, perhaps more secluded spot to try climbing into the yard. I could stand on the barbecue, or maybe tip one of the wheelie bins over…

I decided to use an old trailer pushed against the fence as a step. The next challenge was trying to find a place on the other side of the fence I could alight without crushing geraniums. I made use of my excellent trigonometry skills to pick the perfect leaping-angle, and just as I was about to risk life and limb to retrieve my keys (and dignity) I noticed another gate.


Turns out I was meant to use that one the whole time.

Unrelated: Emo toadstool musician.

Guess who

3 Feb

I won’t lie, I did this by tracing over an existing image, but I like the effect.

Actually, it looks pretty awful.

Ah well. I’ll get better eventually.

Wacom Fun

19 Jan

First attempt at using my sister’s new Bamboo to draw things.

Chem Escape Sketch

5 Sep

English Class

2 Sep

Here is everything I achieved in English yesterday.

Note; The first is a found poem, I just wrote down interesting things people said and they started to look poemish.


Cool kids love washers, yo

Click me.

Name This One Too

29 Aug

She Needs A Name

28 Aug

Or he. I can’t really tell. This is what I did when I realised I still had coloured pencils. I’ve got 2 more at the moment, one blue, one uncoloured, and I’ll need to do a fourth. But WHY? What are they and why do they exist?


I got nothing.


19 May

This is what grows if you plant birdseed. Or so I’m led to believe.

And this is very impressive, in my humble opinion. I’m a lover of Beck (why wouldn’t you be?) from a long way back, and I approve of this version highly.

And finally, to bring back the haiku…

A case of sniffles
And miscommunication
And winter returns.