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I forgot I had you, little blog

28 Nov

So I’ve been flicking through pages of this blog and it’s a little mind-blowing to realise how much of my life is up here (albeit heavily disguised and hidden in metaphors and haiku). It made me sad to think I haven’t really documented any of this year in the same sneaky way. I guess it’s a mark of growing up, which is not strictly something I want to do.

Here is an adequately vague summary of 2012:

This is a year of acceptances and successes. I had to accept that my academic plan was going to be different to my peers, come to terms with being the odd-one-out, the only person starting honours halfway through the year.

But honours is crazy. I’ve gotten better at things rapidly. Machines that once terrified me are now my loyal and hardworking subjects.

Haha, Mr Centrifuge, you’re making that high-pitched screeching sound again, but rather than running for my life, I will simply stand beside you and glare, knowing that you’ll shut up any second and get on with the job at hand!

When I say these sorts of¬†things out loud, I gain the fearful respect of the centrifuge, but my coworkers think I’m odd.

I’ve had successes with grades, work, haircuts, and crystallography.


I’ve learned more this year than I expected¬†to, in about as many areas as one could prod with a stick.*

I want to use this blog more, I want to have opinions (something I’m scared of because usually I don’t have enough evidence to back up my opinions, so it all just feels weak), and I want to write about science and cool things that are happening, and blogs and comics that I like on the internet, and awesome music like this:

I miss being vague on the internet.

Perhaps expect more from me, dear readers, as I can feel the procrastination creeping up on me.

Love your mothers.

*Do not prod sensitive areas with sticks.


Hot Air

13 Mar


9 Mar


26 Feb

Just mucking around with HDR stuff. I’d kind of like a tripod soon…

I’d also kind of like Photoshop because the program I used for doing these is dodgy as all hell.

Autumn Colour Commission

12 Feb

Autumn colour scarf!

EDIT: Should add, (most likely for my own reference in the future, hello future Eleanor, how are you?) that this was knitted on the round, cast on 60, knit 26 rows main colour, 4 rows orange, 8 rows brown, 20 rows main colour, 5 rows light green, two rows main colour, 5 rows light green, 20 rows main colour, and so on.


25 Jan


20 Jan

Box Brown

18 Jan

Old Plans

16 Jan


16 Jan