11 Oct

I’m as bad as the lot of them,
Or worse, maybe.

Mine are irrational, nonsensical,  half-magical, all-spectacle,
And they don’t result in me giving to charity.

So I conclude
My superstitions
Are just as bad
As most religions

I find a four-leaf clover, my week will be excellent.
I see a shooting star, I can close my eyes and wish.
I hold my breath all the way through a tunnel
while repeating a name in my head
and that person will stay safe today.
Misplaced pin, falling leaf,
SAVETHEWHALES charity band
infused with Melville-esque significance,
Silver star on a chain, like a crucifix.

A woman of science who counts the number of crows perched on street signs.

One for sorrow,
Two for joy…

And what gets me, what really irks me, what annoys me like nothing else, is the simple fact that it always works.

Which rationally, cannot be the case. I know this, I know it, I swear.

But my eyes are always open to the little rays of sun that clear away clouds when I put a Beatles record on.




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