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She Said

24 Sep

1. Be British
2. Yell tunefully into a microphone
3. ????
4. Profit

The recipe for a band I will love passionately. Shame about being 15 years too late. Again. Must stop doing this.


1:52 is (to be read in Ron Weasley’s voice) bloody brilliant.


Conveniently timed

21 Sep

On the off-chance you haven’t heard this yet;


They’re supporting The Jezabels at ANU Bar in a few weeks. I’m not a massive Jezabels fan, but I’ll be there for Hey Rosetta, without a doubt.

The sun will kill us all

19 Sep


For the all-new series, Eleanor Reviews Sunscreens!

Auscreen 30+ SPF Coconut Spray


  • Broad spectrum, very comforting to know you’re safe from UVA and UVB.
  • Contains ‘moisturisers’… also contains phenoxyethanol and some phenylbenzimidazole, which are both words I enjoy saying.
  • Comes in a spray bottle, which makes applying it feel a bit like cleaning a window, except with skin and slightly-less-greasy-than-average sunscreen.
  • Doesn’t smell like sunscreen. Who doesn’t love coconut?


  • I cut my finger open trying to work out the spray squeeze trigger guard.
  • 2 hours water resistant, which makes bathing a trial.
  • Spray bottle could encourage wasteful sunscreen-fights.
3.5 stars.

The Woods

18 Sep

So, this play thing happened, where I somehow found myself tangled up in a story about a perpetually-titillated Red Riding Hood figure exploring a forest with a pot-plant for a side-kick, meeting some twisted woodland folk, and then melting into a tree while people in the foreground got naked and smeared paint on each other, with ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ playing on a child-sized glockenspiel.

It was received quite well.

I finished a handful of books from my holiday reading list, including Shades of Grey by my personal idol, Jasper Fforde, and Looking For Alaska by my other personal idol, John Green. I’ve almost finished The Great Gatsby and I think I’ll read Good Omens next, which looks intriguing and has two fantastic names on the cover, (Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman) so I imagine it’ll change my world.

Reading. It’s so foreign. Science students aren’t supposed to read. I hadn’t read anything (fictional) since highschool, until this recent reignition of my love of the written word. There’s probably some shallow motivating force in here somewhere, (she said, gesturing vaguely towards her brain), but it seems to be encouraging self-improvement, so it can’t all be bad (she said, hopefully).

This makes me laugh:



This excites me in more ways than I really should admit:


And this makes me happy that music exists:


15 Sep

…does not have an ‘e’ where you seem to think it does, strange-blog-surfer.



Seems appropriate you wound up here though.

Addressing some other frequently asked questions, Jon Richardson and Russell Howard have not fallen out, nor are they pursuing an illicit homosexual relationship (as far as I am aware).

And Misfits IS a good show. At least, season 1 is fantastic and full of great music. Season 2 has a whole lot less going for it plot-wise, and while there’s a really nice character-arc (to do with buff-Simon-in-the-shower) it’s lost in the general weirdness of the show. So in conclusion, Misfits is well-worth your time. You’ll watch the first season and fall in love with the characters/really enjoy hating them, then the weaknesses in the second season won’t seem like that big a deal.


The third season is likely to be a car-accident. No more Robert Sheehan. They’re getting in some other curly-haired fellow, but I don’t think he’s Irish, so really, what’s the point?


I’ve been getting mighty philosophical of late. I’ve been wandering around my neighbourhood, breathing in the change-of-season smells, sticking to the shadows as much as is practical because the UV index is climbing and I’ve worked hard for the past three years to eliminate all unnecessary sun/skin interaction (because my freckles make me look like a 12 year old and I’m NOT a 12 year old. I’m NOT!). The point is, I was  working hard on a recipe for happiness, and I realised yesterday that I’ve been well and truly beaten. Happiness can be summed up in the following five letters;


And that is why I bought this poster.


I am now going to grab a pillow, some chalk, and a book, and go to the park to be awesome and fall asleep on a swing, IF and only if, said swing is currently in the shade.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

Protected: Photograph

12 Sep

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Spring Clean

11 Sep

I have some drafts sitting in the sidebar, mocking my inability to string more than a line or two together on a topic before getting bored. Rather than try to make them into their own posts, I’ll just summarise all of them here, and then delete all evidence of having ever tried to write anything half-insightful on any of the below topics.

The Middle Path

Don’t really remember this one. I think I was going to ramble for a bit about Buddhists being pretty together philosophically, with their stringed-instrument analogy, (tuning the string to the perfect tension and such), then try to draw a comparison to something else really clever… It’ll come back to me.

Study Break Poetry Time 

I tried to write a poem about proteins to distract me from studying proteins. This is what I’ve since come up with:

Glutamic acid, histadine,
Try to learn what all this means,
I’m in a protein-induced haze.

Shuttle protons place to place,
General acid, general base,
Then you drift into my mind
And histadine is left behind.

This poem I suspect is not
Going to help me learn a lot,
Distracted by a falling leaf
And all the meaning pinned beneath.

I’ve written worse poetry about proteins.

The Overly Specific Question Game

This was going to be the first of  a series of posts in which I asked an overly specific hypothetical question, then answered it. I fell at the first hurdle; coming up with an overly specific hypothetical question. I’ll brainstorm and try again some other time.


I don’t know what this was going to be about. I think I was going to post some songs. I was probably going to post some songs. Possibly two songs. I have a sensible post-naming system.

Things I’m confused by

Believe it or not, this was going to be a brief summary of some things that confuse me. I got bored of it when I realised how menial the things that confuse me the most are. Prime example; the message of the Disney film The Frog Princess. What was the deal with that? Hey girls, if you have a dream to open a restaurant in New Orleans and your best friend is a princess, or something, and your dad is dead but he left you his gumbo pot, you actually can’t be happy until you marry a foreign prince, because romance is better than hard-work and ambition.

I don’t know. That’s what I got from it. Not really worth an entire post of ranting. Maybe I’ll do a dissection of Disney films some time on the break.

More likely, I’ll just keep playing with StumbleUpon and achieving little. Mmm… breaks.

Love to your mothers.

Good luck

10 Sep

Upbeat Thursday

8 Sep

Thursday is to my writing as Friday is to John Green’s.

Here are some really nice, upbeat songs. I seem to finding happy music without even trying these days.



Upbeat Thursday! Now to prepare for Cross-Dressing Friday.


Taking notes

6 Sep