A Rhyme

21 Aug

Sparrow on my windowsill,
Oh won’t you shut your beak?
Your singing makes me love you so,
I feel like such a freak.

You flitter through the morning air
Your beady black-eyes glazed,
A clueless bird-brained little twit,
Forever fly unfazed.

White whale on that distant line
Between the sea and skies,
Pleasant looking from afar
But what does that disguise?

Are you rich in whale wit?
Or is your skull packed full
With flowers, feelings, hats, and bells,
With clouds and cotton wool?

To chase a fox or drown a bird,
Or watch butterflies play,
I’d hurl a harpoon at you, Whale,

But let’s face it, you’d probably just end up in somebody’s sushi.




This diver is thinking about his dinner.


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  1. Leechman August 21, 2011 at 11:49 am #


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