Living life like you’ve got an 8pm time slot

14 Jul

I’ll alphabetise my CDs
Maybe empty my draws and sift through all the junk that lives in them
There’s a lot of paper on my desk that needs a home
My pinboard could probably use a cull as well

Just old movie tickets and last semester’s timetable
Should print out this semester’s timetable
Colour code it
Buy books for each subject? Instead of one big book for all of them?


Listen to Of Montreal
Send texts to people, whinge a bit
Find out the riff I thought I wrote is from a Dave Matthews Band song
It sounded really pretty

Whinge some more
Delete some texts
Save some others
Look through colours

Vacuum under my bed
Things live there
Dry my hair
Paint my nails
Worry about my skin
Worry about the next six months
Worry about how much money I have
Worry about global warming
Worry about road accidents

Get out some paint and paint some things
Not sure which things
Notice how many blank diaries I’m collecting
Fill them


This is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard:





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