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Ooh, graphs…

27 Jul



This is from an article on a dating website’s blog. I swear to you, it came up in my facebook feed.


And really, there’s only one thing you need to ask on a first date, and that is ‘can I inspect your iPod, please?’

Also, dating is stupid.

That is all.


Blog power activate!

26 Jul

Blog, I will come to rely on you more in the next few weeks, because English has started up again and I am going to have to write some things.

I haven’t written any fiction in a really long time, (unless you count fabricating lab results) (I’m kidding! That’s illegal and I’d never do that… ) so it’ll be interesting to see if I still have any idea how to put words together to make them into something readable.

The other thing I’m doing in the next couple of days is going to see Elbow perform in Sydney, and it’s going to be pretty amazing, I expect. I will take a camera to Sydney and try to take arty photos of things (even though I don’t have an arty camera), maybe I’ll snap some shots of Elbow too.

Elbow is Woble backwards.

Also seeing James Blake, who I’ve grown fond of. There will be hipsters there.

You should all listen to old podcasts of the Russell Howard Show because he and Jon Richardson are beautiful and hilarious.


On this day in history…

20 Jul

I was not me, but past-me.

On this day 2 years ago, I did not post anything.

On this day 1 year ago, I posted a couple of songs, which I both still like.

This is one of the least interesting posts I have ever.

Two paths of action,
But inaction is warmer
And simpler too.


17 Jul

Here is something fun. It is called the Googlamidge Game. What you do is type something a bit strange into Google Image, and then pick the image in the first 3 pages that you think LEAST matches the thing you were searching for.

To get you started, here are some fun things to Google Image:

– “Macro photography fruit”
– “Frozen art”
– “Fun things melted”
– “Best cat hats”
– “Multicoloured fire”
– “Monkeys dressed as humans”

These may or may not be things I have actually Googled recently.

I’m going back to watching every episode of Mock the Week now. Goodnight.

Living life like you’ve got an 8pm time slot

14 Jul

I’ll alphabetise my CDs
Maybe empty my draws and sift through all the junk that lives in them
There’s a lot of paper on my desk that needs a home
My pinboard could probably use a cull as well

Just old movie tickets and last semester’s timetable
Should print out this semester’s timetable
Colour code it
Buy books for each subject? Instead of one big book for all of them?


Listen to Of Montreal
Send texts to people, whinge a bit
Find out the riff I thought I wrote is from a Dave Matthews Band song
It sounded really pretty

Whinge some more
Delete some texts
Save some others
Look through colours

Vacuum under my bed
Things live there
Dry my hair
Paint my nails
Worry about my skin
Worry about the next six months
Worry about how much money I have
Worry about global warming
Worry about road accidents

Get out some paint and paint some things
Not sure which things
Notice how many blank diaries I’m collecting
Fill them


This is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard:





11 Jul

I laughed, and then realised that I actually don’t have a definite answer…

Have you ever wondered what The Beatles would sound like if they existed in the 90s?



Holy moly.





Ravenclaw Pride

10 Jul

And the final product:

To any knitters out there, this design was knit in the round, about 70 stitches cast on, then 27ish blue, 4 silver, 6 blue, 4 silver, 20 blue, 4 silver, etc etc. End with the slightly bigger blue section again. Mine is pretty long, because 12 groups of silver stripes was too short and 13 was unlucky, so it’s 14 sections all up.

It was made to a backing track of the first 3 seasons of the US Office, a few episodes of Masterchef, some Liam Finn, and some Fountains of Wayne. Wine was also involved.


6 Jul

Probably my second favourite string-based intro to a song, behind Jacksonville by good ol’ Sufjan.


Also, The Office.


I think I’ve made my point.





Drug induced sleep

5 Jul

It makes for good dreams.

Last night, I dreamt I was surveying a chocolate factory, and the oppressed labourers had to sing greetings to the foreman and whistle while they manned heavy, ugly machinery. Like Wonka’s factory, but without the colour or soul.

Then I dreamt I was being followed around a shopping centre (in some rural area) by a fearsome man wearing black (possibly Ser Ilyn Payne, the executioner from Game of Thrones) until I found a group of friends who told me that a lady had arranged an interview for me for a job at some fancy, upmarket clothes store.

I went to the interview, and she told me I could work in the Canberra branch of the store, but noted down on her clipboard that I was too nerdy for the job. I told her it was geek chic, and I think she appreciated my attitude.

Cut to a giant, old fashioned school building, almost castle like, edged on one side by a man-made lake as clean and clear as an Olympic swimming pool. A Scooby-Doo-esque team of young adults and I wandered into the out-of-bounds corridors of the school and discovered another branch of the upmarket clothing store, which I now suspected was the front for some sort of organised crime syndicate. The girl working there looked at us with contempt and told us we could look at the clothes but couldn’t try anything on, and then she returned to the back room.

I stole a set of keys from the desk and tried to break into a nearby office, setting of alarms and cameras, and the corridors became the arena for a huge chase, leading deeper and deeper under the school.

While running, the reason for all the secrecy and defence suddenly became clear; the school only offered the same six courses over and over and over again, taught by different people. Students were so inattentive that they hadn’t noticed.

While the evil upmarket clothing store/ fraudulent college executives were taken away by education police, my Scooby-Doo-esque band of friends sat on one of the highest roofs of the school, and threw balled up socks into the lake, laughing as the principal was clapped in irons and the sun slowly set.