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Project Time

28 Jun

These holidays will be 50% Adventures and 50% Projects, I hope.

Here is one of the Projects, nearing 2 days of work:

Click on the picture and you will find a link to song I like but can’t embed! Bonus!



24 Jun

Well, semester 1 is done and dusted. One of the least stressful exam periods thus far, I think, because chemistry study feels almost useful, as opposed to maths in first year and biology in second, which felt the opposite of useful.

I’ve also read THREE WHOLE NOVELS in the past month and a half, which is more than I have read (fiction-wise) since year 12, I think… Sad, I know, but reading took a back seat to socialising and wasting time on the internet.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman was just plain weird, but in a compelling way. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but I wish there had’ve been a moment of clarity at the end, where everything suddenly clicks together and makes sense (like in Stardust, which has one of my favourite endings to a book ever). Maybe there was one of those moments in American Gods, but I failed to get it. Just don’t know.

They’re making it into a TV series, are HBO. That’ll be an interesting one to watch.

I also read the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, by George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones, (which now exists in my phone predictive text dictionary as ‘GoT’), and Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh, which Stephen Fry made into the film Bright Young Things in 2000. We watched that movie back at school when we were studying Brideshead Revisited and while I’m sure my teacher would’ve said at some stage that Bright Young Things was based on an Evelyn Waugh novel, I didn’t absorb that fact until about a month ago. Delayed action learning!

Anyway, moral of the story, I really like Evelyn Waugh. Vile Bodies is just too tragic; going from biting satire to (CLASSIC LITERATURE SPOILER ALERT) depressing war-time conclusion. And I just love the way Miss Runcible talks.

So I’ll start reading A Clash of Kings tonight, and then maybe A Handful of Dust, then back to ASoIaF for A Storm of Swords, then I might finally finish The Selfish Gene, which is fantastic, but didn’t make for good study-procrastination-reading.

I really like this song:

Goodnight, internet.

Even in my dreams, I’m awkward

24 Jun

Last night I dreamt that I was walking to school, and there was a girl also walking along the path, a little behind me, and after a while, she crossed the road to walk on the other side because it was too awkward to be walking at the same pace in the same direction as me…

I don’t know. I was a little offended.

I misread one of the options. Poor resolution can see ‘L’s and ‘I’s bleed together a bit, and results can be hilarious.

The Poll poll

21 Jun


Breaking news; semester one is pretty lame (or I Am A Book)

19 Jun

I was worried about my grades and mental health given the nature of this semester, but then I thought, no, screw it, I’m going to blame the universe and make it my bitch next semester and it will do my bidding.

I was in hospital on Friday morning, and it was pretty cool other than the fact the nurse who admitted me said “people don’t usually die from stuff like this” and for some reason, that didn’t make me feel much better.

You know when you buy a book or a CD and it has the barcode sticker on it, and you peel it off but it leaves that residue behind that just collects dirt and carpet fluff? And you try to scrub it off with orange cleaner, or maybe nail polish remover, and then you get angry that you don’t have a squeezy bottle of acetone like you do in the lab washing up area, because straight acetone would definitely get that goo off the back of that book, but instead you’re reduced to scraping at it with your flimsy, malnourished fingernails?

This weekend has been like that, but with my skin. I swear, every time I get in the shower, I find another patch or bandage or sticky electrode stuck to me and I have to peel them off then try to get rid of that residue. I’m like a second-hand book that no one has bothered taking the labels off of.

Next semester, I will be a second-hand book that has the price written lightly in lead pencil in the top corner of the front page, and I will be leather-bound and have that nice filigree pattern on my spine and my title will be written in a very sensible font. And I will have no residues from barcodes on me.

I wish this post had a deeper meaning, but it’s pretty literal so far.

Here’s a song:



Closing statements:

  • I think I’ll finish A Game of Thrones tonight. It’s pretty much great.
  • There are so many British panel shows. I discovered one on the weekend called The Bubble where three celebrities are locked in a house for a week without contact with the outside world, then when they emerge, David Mitchell shows them real and made-up news stories and makes them guess which are which. It’s pretty hilarious, and well worth watching for the footage of Germaine Greer drinking red wine and playing Scrabble with Ed Byrne.
  • If the physical aspects of inorganic chemistry exam is as easy as the past exams, I will be annoyed with myself for using today to study for it.
  • I’ve never had valium before. It was like someone put a funnel in the top of my head, and then slowly pushed cotton wool  into my brain.

An exam week poem

12 Jun

I’m only as good as the numbers I get,
And where my name reads in the rank,
And when it’s all through and I feel rather blue,
I’ve a lack of distinctions to thank.

I want to be special! Why can’t they see
The fire and drive in my soul?
I learn all their facts and spew them all back,
But the numbers have taken their toll.

What if they tested our imaginations?
Our dreams and our wishes and words?
Our visions and pure creativity?
The manifestation of free thought, free ourselves from the shackles of their rigid schemes of theories and textbooks

And then dance, leap through the burning sky into pools of warm honey-coloured light,

Come to rest on clouds that seep through our pores,
Enrich us, fill us up with whatever it is that links us all,
That shimmering shared consciousness that shines through
In literature and colour and protest and moist earth and the wind,

The tiny, spun-glass fragments of collective experience melted to sugary syrup
And formed into one, giant marshmallow of a dream,
A castle of sweet pockets of air and creamy walls that embrace all of us,
No matter our size
or shape
or religion
or birthplace,
Why can’t we just FEEL, and be graded on a scale of emotion and passion and feelings?

Then I remember I don’t do an arts degree.

Music to watch syntheses converge by

11 Jun

Medicinal study music:

  • In Ghost Colours – Cut Copy
  • Cerulean – Baths
  • The Eraser – Thom Yorke
  • Ravedeath, 1972 – Tim Hecker
  • Campfire Headphase – Boards of Canada
  • King of Limbs – Radiohead
This is the most mellow study session of ever.

Handy hint: Feeling stressed about exams? Don’t fear! Just look at pictures of James McAvoy!

Pip 4?

9 Jun

I have close to 70 gigs of music, and a 16 gig iPod. Is it time to upgrade? I don’t know what to do. I’ve never felt so lost.

Hypothetical hobbit

6 Jun

The only thing better than Martin Freeman playing Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming Hobbit film would’ve been if this had’ve come to pass:


I’d believe he was Elijah Wood’s uncle, and with his track record in films not being super great up ’til now (X-Men First Class was AMAZING.  Atonement and Wanted… not so amazing…) it could’ve been awesome.

But I’m glad he did X-Men over The Hobbit.

Never live in fear again

5 Jun

Can you even begin to imagine how cool it’d be to own one of these?