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This is almost chemistry

30 Mar

How awesome is glass? I was having this conversation with someone earlier about how awesome glass is, and I think the conclusion we reached was that glass is pretty darn awesome.

I mean that from aesthetic and chemical points of view, but this post I am drafting while I should be studying will be focussing on the aesthetics.

OOH PRETTY GLASS! (click images for links to artists/pages I got the pics)

But this stuff dissolves glass. Whoa. Imagine being the dude who found that out first.

This is also almost chemistry:

What was that Knorr up to? Well, I guess it’s to be expected, seeing as “chemistry is just small cooking that you don’t want to eat.”

Aaaaand my last almost chemistry screenshot:

This cat is apparently named Triphenylphosphine Oxide.

Goodnight, world!


A song to tide us all over

29 Mar

Gosh darn, so much to do. So little time. Or rather, about the right amount of time, and no inclination to use it wisely.

Grumble. Have a Blur b-side to cheer you up. And by you, I mean me. I’m giving myself a Blur song to cheer myself up.

Also, read this blog. This guy is an awesome actor and an all-round nice person.

See you on the other side.

Angry and full of curry

25 Mar

Grr, the curry doesn’t quite balance out my ever-growing hatred of humanity. And it was good curry too, so, something must be wrong.

This is how I feel right now:

Except the picture doesn’t capture the sound, which is like a low grumble that will doubtlessly swell into an earth-shattering thunder that will hopefully somehow cause the sun to crash into the Earth and destroy everything that we know and love. Except Blur. Somehow I will save them.

Chances are, if you’re a person, I’m angry at you. This is nothing personal. Well, for some people it is, but for most of you, it’s just an unfortunate side-effect of my last couple of days/weeks.

Here are some specifics:

The Utter TOOL on Horse Park Drive today –

You are an idiot. You almost killed yourself and the guy you were driving DOWN THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD TOWARDS. I would not have cared if you were driving down the wrong side of the road towards something heavy and inanimate and crumpled your black 4WD in around your own stupid ears, if not killing you, then at least somehow impairing your ability to propagate whatever gene for STUPID seems to dominate in your system.

No, really, I’m not just road raging. Here is a diagram of what happened. Make up your own mind about whether we should start a) actually only giving licenses to people who can drive on the correct side of the road or b) just shooting people when they do stupid things.


White, non-stupid car – Me
Blue, non-stupid car – Poor innocent who was almost tragically ripped from his family and friends by the icy claw of death,
Red, incredibly, inconceivably stupid car – Person who really  shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car. Not even dodgems at fairs. Not even Hotwheels sets. (note, this was actually a black 4WD but that’s hard to draw on black road.)

So the blue car ran off the road to avoid DEATH, and the guy in the red car decided to drift back onto the correct side of the road.

So much fury.


Oh, and the other thing? Course that shall remain nameless (let’s just say, it’s not a chemistry course…hmm, that cuts out 6 of the 7 courses I take….) has this system where tutes are worth 10%. There are 11 tutes. You miss one, you lose 6%. WHAT?

Even if it’s unavoidable and prearranged. 6%.

Guess what,  unnamed course? If you’re offering me a whopping 4% to turn up to 6 more tutes, I ain’t gonna make it the  priority of my week. No, I’m not going to stop going to them all together, on account of I have more respect for my group members than that, and I don’t want to leave them to do all the tedious and pointless tute work on their lonesomes. I will however get myself a pleasant lunch during the first hour then show up for group work time.

Seem fair, unnamed course?

Of course it does.

Good way to break up a 6 hour block.

Now I have to write a play, and while I’m a brilliant and talented artist (cough) I have never written one before and I have no idea how they’re meant to end up looking/feeling/being. This one is going to pay out hipsters, but also show that they can be a caring and accepting race.

Save a life, donate your oversized glasses frames to a hipster.

Good night and good riddance.


Oh what’s this? I have a blog?

22 Mar

I completely forgot about you, silly little blog. I’m terribly sorry. I have been busy, you see. I got Pokemon Black, so that’s stolen about 30 hours of my life so far. I say stolen, I mean taken from me lovingly, with tenderness and understanding. Pokemon knows that I crave accomplishment, and it gives me what I want by telling me my Pokemon are getting more and more awesome at everything.

Also, I got Majesty 2. I am currently fighting a dark wizard who I am quite certain is David Bowie. I will send dwarves after him, and reduce his funky, funky tower of evil to rubble.

Also, I have school. School is like a fog of not-quite-there. I spend so much time in lectures, and I think I absorb most of it, like dry inert material absorbs minor spillages of water. There are moments I think I know everything in the universe, (usually when I’m listening to downbeat electronica), and there are moments I feel my true calling is to sleep a lot and spend the rest of my time trying to find a way to get paid to sleep a lot.

I also work now, only a few hours a week, but it means I have some money I can spend occasionally. I will spend it on wool and woollen clothes, and crochet hooks, and more wool, because one day, I will live in London and I think they all wear wool there pretty much all year. Also stockings.

I found this song on my ipod, and it has probably been there for about a year, but I’d never heard it, and I really like it. Please, like it with me.



(They were on Yo Gabba Gabba one time. And you all thought I was over that obsession, didn’t you?)



Just another Sunday morning

13 Mar

This album got monstered by that website that reviews music sometimes, you know the one. It was too upbeat and pretty for them, or something.

I like it.

Music to watch car crashes in slow motion to

8 Mar


It just is, you know? Quietly, almost beautifully depressing. It’s a subconscious depressing quality, though. You don’t realise you’re being depressed by the gentle tones until you notice you’re imagining what it would be like to bleed to death on a kitchen floor.

Unpleasant, I decided. But Thom Yorke soothed that a little.

I’m not a die hard Radiohead fangirl. I’ve heard most of the relevant stuff, and I like it all with a laid back almost-enthusiasm, but I certainly didn’t go crazy when I found out The King of Limbs was being released. I listened to it out of curiosity.

As with any major musical release, Pitchfork seemed to have a lot to say about it. It’s a bit involved for us non-fanatical-music-reviewers though, so I did you all the service of editing it down to the essential ‘review’y part. (read: I put a red line through anything that sounded remotely pretentious.)

There you have it. It’s lovely. I really like this album. I’d give it higher than 7.9. In fact (WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL OPINION APPROACHING) I like it more than In Rainbows.


Pitchfork did, however, enlighten me to the impending release of more Broken Bells, which can only be a good thing. Internet is too slow to let me actually listen to the mentioned track, though. You should leave a comment describing it in words for me.

I had weird dreams last night/this morning after my alarm should’ve gone off but didn’t. Here they are, summarised as a handy comic series.

Also, this is what we did in medicinal today. Strangely, it doesn’t reflect how I feel about the course content, just how I feel about everything else I have to do.

The spambot taunt

6 Mar

I get SO many views on this blog now, like SO many.

But most of them are from horrible spambot things that are set up to make the ‘referral’ link some dumb, virussy webpage, so I click through to them, intrigued by the sudden swell in traffic.

So really, my blog is nowhere near as popular as spambots would lead me to believe. This upsets me a tiny bit.

Here, have a screen capture from a thread on Escapist, I believe, about how cool Octillery is. Click to read the hilarious text.

I’d link back to you, Octillery-fan person, but I cannot find where this thread was any more. Know that you have my love and respect.

EDIT: Oh, there’s a URL listed in the address bar in the pic. /facepalm


2 Mar

Today, I bought a delicious hazelnut latte (because I’m hardcore like that).

On a completely unrelated note, chem lab has become more difficult (and sort of more awesome because of it).

My legs also hurt a lot. I think it’s my shoes. This is a key reason I don’t usually wear shoes. Luckily, it being Autumn now, I won’t have to wear the shoes in question. I will revert to my converses with glee. (I have purple laces on my camo ones now. Trendy?)

Olivia Tremor Control is brilliant thinking music. I tried to time my reading of notes with the weird clashing and blipping.