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This Must Be Remedied!

27 Oct

Ignoring the fact that the first video has had about a year longer to accumulate views, here is a not so great trend;

In graphical terms:

In other words, somebody go and watch the most recent video two thousand times, please.


This is Probably What House Should’ve Been Like

26 Oct


25 Oct

Am I the only person who sees an uncanny resemblance between these two delightful men? Mostly the smiles. They have similar smiles.

Well, I think they do.

This raises the ever-popular debate topic… Television; UK or US?

My vote is with UK. Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Smith….

What do you lot think?

Things I’ve learned on Thursday the 21st of October

21 Oct

Here is a list of things I’ve learned today;

  • Not only is Benedict Cumberbatch an excellent name for a human person to have, the owner of the name is a wonderful actor in a wonderful show. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the new Steven Moffat take on Sherlock Holmes, but Sherlock is pretty much fantastic…Possibly because it’s like Doctor Who… But it’s lovely in its own right.
  • My green pillow feels like a brick when I’ve got a headache. Also, my dreams are weird when I have a headache while sleeping/attempting to sleep.
  • My current playlist of choice seems to facilitate one of the weirdest jumps between genres ever… From 99 Problems (Grey Album version, so some nice Helter Skelter screeching involved) to Decatur by good ol’ Sufjan.
  • This is downright offensive but oh so wonderful;
  • Pink paint totally comes out of carpet.
  • Hugh Laurie is pretty much awesome. I have to shake my head at anyone who can only see him as House, though. To me, he is Tony Mercherson, and always will be.

Soft red triangles
are destined to fade, but those
Sapphires remain.

PS. Here is a picture of a weird fountain.

Soupy twist!

A Vampire Weekend Photo

15 Oct

I think Alex took this one.

Ask And You Shall Receive

15 Oct

I’m not sure if you’ll necessarily receive a helpful answer, though.

So Pretty

14 Oct

Listen to album version, then listen to this. Do it now.

Dream to Flick

8 Oct

The grass was stained red, and the air filled with sounds; rumbles and groans and soft, wet splashes as bloodied flesh was crammed into mouths. Panicked, with hearts racing, we locked the door. Taylor drew the curtains, but nothing could stop the sounds.

“This is very bad…” he said.

Susan was pale and shivering, but not quite in tears yet. That would come later. Right now, the only thought was survival, silence.

“Do you think they could get in…? If they wanted to?” Toby parted the curtains slightly, looked out, then turned back to us. He looked ill.

“I don’t know. They don’t seem the type to respect safe zones…” Taylor shrugged.

“Someone should call the police.”

We did call the police. We didn’t tell them the truth, just that someone had been killed. We gave them the building and the room number, and then watched as they arrived.

They were dessert.

Toby posted about it on Facebook; a warning. Taylor suggested we attach a photo, and Susan hit him. Needless to say, people just laughed.

We didn’t know it at the time, but when that post went up, Arthur Manning bit his lip and started preparing a blog post.


To be continued…

But I AM Scared, Inbox

7 Oct

I’m only scared because my inbox is finding clever ways to communicate with me…

It’s a Good Question

4 Oct

Observation from an episode of Buffy. Anyone know what the heck it means?