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Downbeat Dubstep

27 Jul

You all have to listen to Black Sands by Bonobo. It’s really mellow and incredible and relaxing. Such a great album if you’re into this genre.


Girl, You Have No Faith…

23 Jul

Today is Friday, and I’m feeling very cynical. I don’t enjoy feeling like this. I like to be upbeat about things. I like wearing bright colours and being enthusiastic about as much as I can possibly cope with being enthusiastic about.

But today, I am feeling like the world is not my favourite place to be.

A few of the reasons for this are;

– Stupid Canberra Cyclists

(you are either a cyclist OR a pedestrian on wheels. Please do not swap between the two as you see fit, because it makes it harder for me to avoid squashing you, which is something I actively have to prevent myself doing)

– Parents Who ONLY Feed Their Children Junk Food

(I will confess, I watched that lispy British fellow’s food show tonight, the one where he saves Americans from their own self-destruction-via-filling-themselves-with-lard complexes. While I recognise that the show AIMS to find the most disgusting examples of ignorance and obese four year olds and then edit together a show that fills us with both a sense of outrage and superiority, the fact remains that some parents fail completely at being any good at anything.)

– People Who Annoy Me For Really Minor Reasons That I Can’t Justify In Any Way

(You guys are the WORST, because I can’t dislike you or anything, because you’re probably really nice, but you grate on me, and despite the fact I rarely act on it, I am NOT impervious to graters. I can’t just cut you out of my life all together, nor can I enforce a vow of silence upon you whenever you’re around, so I guess I’m stuck being slowly grated against until the blood-loss causes my vision to blur into happy swirls.)

– The Dork Who Thought It Was A Good Idea To Give ALL Year 9s Their Own Laptops

(Oh, they’ll be more productive? They’ll get more done? It’s an education revolution! No. It’s thousands of students state-wide spending more time on MSN. You remember all that propaganda about internet safety that gets drilled into us by the man? Keep computers in family areas, make sure there are set time for computer use, know what your child is doing on the internet. ‘Oh,’ says the government, ‘and we’re giving them all laptops that they can sneak off into their rooms for hours at a time. Oh, and we’re building and enforcing a compulsory internet filter to combat part of the problem we’ve been busy spending money on creating.’ Genius.)


Sigh. Okay, that’s enough for now. I guess the worst part of this whole ‘cynicism’ thing is that I take out my hatred of the whole world on people I care about. They cop me being grouchy. So, I’m sorry to those people.

Furthermore, there are some good things to balance the bad things. The dinosaur on the other end of the seesaw.

They include;

– The New Delorean Album, Subiza

(after listening to their EP a hundred times over, I’m so excited to have an actual album to enjoy… and it’s just as good as I had hoped. Look ’em up!)

– Inception

(wasn’t expecting to get into it. I got into it. Too into it. Just wow. Christopher Nolan, you’re a badass dream weaver wizard man.)

– Avatar; The Legend Of Korra

(New Avatar stuff! Omigosh! I love that the original creators have just completely disregarded M.Night’s major cock-up of the movie adaption. It was pointed out to me today that Korra (new Avatar, a Water-Bender this time) can’t hook up with Tenzin (son of Aang and Katara) because she is the reincarnation of his father. A fun new take on the Oedipus thing.)

– Black Sands by Bonobo

(a really genuinely mellow and lovely album. Perfect time to find something this laid back and pretty.)

– You Know What? Music In General

(I was in a horrible mood earlier, and the opening chords of ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ lifted so much weight off of me. I can’t even explain it. It’s a super pathetic and clichéd thing to say, but I’m going to say it anyway; as long as I have music, I’ll be fine.)


I think I shall go to sleep. Or perhaps read World War Z. I’ve been dying to ever since that bus trip to BDO in January. Zombies ftw.

Thanks for listening to me rant, internet. You’re brilliant.

A Song I Like To Listen To With My Ears

20 Jul

(The joke is that I posted TWO songs, but the title suggests there will only be one. Teehee.)


19 Jul

So, I just finished a scarf, and to do so, I had to enlist the help of wiki-how. Or E-how. I don’t know. Does it matter?

This is the article I found:

…and this is the list of other articles the author of this knitting-how-to has contributed…

I don’t know about you, but I was impressed by the diversity.

And the Winner Is…

19 Jul

It has been pointed out to me that I haven’t actually announced the winners of my HvZ picturifying contest. To remedy this, I feel it would be sensible to announce the winners now.

All the submissions were excellent (I’m not just saying that, honest!) and if you want to have a look at any of them, check out the comments on the original contest post.


The award for best artwork (the best integration of the HvZ theme into existing art or the best production of new art) goes to…


Not only is Iroh totally rad, he’s tagged the ever-crabby Zhao. Someone had to.

And the winner of the overall hilarity award, (the picture that made me laugh the most) goes to


Thanks for playing, everyone. I’ll find you prizes/ buy you a drink soon.

Yet Another Song

15 Jul

I’ll post something proper soon, I promise. Until then, dance.

Another Song For You

14 Jul

Worth watching the video for John’s pout about 12 seconds in.

A Song For You

11 Jul

Am I Hearing Things…

8 Jul

…or are there similarities between these riffs?

Not that I’m complaining. They’re both awesome.




Keep those submissions coming in! Good prizes will be found!

Call For Submissions!

8 Jul

So, I thought to get into the spirit of things, I should hold a bit of a competition… If you haven’t already checked out the mugshots and brilliant scene at the end of this post, you should. Then you should create and submit similar things. You can use any movie, tv show, internet meme, book, etc, etc… you like, and make it HvZ related in whatever fashion you think effective. Captions are allowed (and encouraged). I shall give out two prizes:

Artistic Merit Award – To the picture that is of the best visual quality, including composition of shot, believability of bandanas, pure awesomeness, etc.

Hilarity Award – To the picture that makes me laugh the most.

Post links to photobucket images, urls hosted on your own site, facebook albums, etc. Remember, HvZ bandanas are yellow this game!

I’ll post them all with credit given to their creators. You can submit as many as you like. Submissions close next Friday (16th July).

Get to it!