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Needs and Wants

30 Jun

I have stolen this idea from Dark Vanilla Angel’s blog, which you should all visit.

You type your name and ‘needs’ into Google, and list the first ten that appear. Mine reflect my state of mind eerily.

Eleanor needs a weapon capable of defeating the demon.

Eleanor needs a new housemate.

Eleanor needs to calm the hell down.

Eleanor needs to contact her therapist.

Eleanor needs a savior and protector and only Alexander will do. (Yes, WORD FOR WORD. Freaked me out.)

Eleanor needs to stay in the harness for another month, just in case.

Eleanor needs you.

Eleanor needs some vibes and a PPM.

Eleanor needs your vote to get the raise.

Eleanor needs to be corrected for being daft.

… And here’s what you get if you type “Eleanor wants”…

Eleanor wants a new ending.

Eleanor wants to destroy it.

Eleanor wants to change her life and do so on camera.

Eleanor wants to tie this data together and find out how this all affects Latina girls with disabilities

Eleanor wants to show you her new toy.

If fruitcake-ass Eleanor wants to be with the spirits, let her!

Eleanor wants to believe that the man is Tony.

Eleanor wants Richard.

… I think that’s a good place to stop. O.o

Comment and leave your own top 10 of each. I’ll re post the best ones.


Guilty Pleasure Songs

26 Jun

I’m going to come clean and share with my loyal readers my deepest, darkest secrets.

This song used to get a lot of play-time on Disney channel… I think a lot of the appeal of this track is in the fact that the lead singer’s last name is ‘Blatz.


It’s so catchy and upbeat. If it wasn’t a Disney-Channel-spin-off-tune, it would almost sound credible, wouldn’t it?

I’m spotting a pattern here, actually, because the next song is also a Disney Channel number.

It’s from the movie Starstruck, which is a happy little tale about a celebrity giving a girl a concussion and then kidnapping her. Sterling Knight plays the lead, which is hilarious because his name is Sterling Knight. Apparently you can’t be a Disney Channel celebrity unless you have a name that makes you sound like a character in a Mills and Boon novel.

Last, but not least, is the little number that I’m probably most ashamed of. At least with over-produced Disney pop, you can pull off the ‘ironic appreciation’ card. This song was popular, it was overplayed on radios, it was loved by 14 year old girls, it was shot down by my indie-brethren as a Postal Service ripoff, and the lyrics are just RIDICULOUS.

But it makes me smile and I love the way it sounds.

Let the judging begin. I will stay strong.

Hard Soft Acid Base Theory

20 Jun

Hypothetically held in your hot little hand
Is an acid or base you don’t quite understand.
To work out its properties quick as you please,
Close your eyes, hold your breath, and give it a squeeze.

It’s small like a marble and hard like a stone?
Its qualities suddenly make themselves known!
Its electron affinity is high as the sky
So it’s not as affected by charges nearby.

But what if it’s squishy like squashed up banana?
Its electrons are welcome to wander out farther.
A low oxidation, can be pulled out of shape,
These will suggest a soft acid or base.

So next time your looking for strong interactions,
Remember the fundamentals of attraction.
Like Pearson proposed, as a rough rule of thumb;
Hard to hard, soft to soft, and your work is done.

A Postcard?

19 Jun

Excellent song I discovered today during my music-seeking-procrastination. It’s just happy and I like it. Listen to it now!



…And they replied to one of my tweets. That NEVER happens to me.

Chelate Effect

19 Jun

The chelate effect is dependent on size,
And clever young chemists, this will not surprise;
A five-membered ring is indeed the most stable,
More so if delocalisation enables
The flow of electrons through double bonds,
For resonance strengthens benzene hexagons.

But make that ring smaller, and lo and behold!
Ring strain will encourage the thing to unfold.
The more rings that bind to a metal cation,
The stronger the bonds the complex must rely on!
So, multiple five membered rings are the best
For a happy and stable metal complex.

Halfway Home

18 Jun

Blog posts have been substandard of late thanks to exams.

My study music has changed since last year, so I’ll provide a fresh list and some highlight tracks.

Please note, this is entirely self-indulgent.

  • The Very Best – The Very Best (this is the highlight track that ISN’T the one with Ezra Koenig’s vocals, because that would’ve been way too obvious a pick. Also, I’d like to start a band called ‘The Berry Vest’)
  • LP – Discovery (Ooh, I’m spotting a pattern…Ezra does guest vocals on this one too…. But not this track. Must resist Ezra’s sweet angelic voice…)
  • Slipway Fires – Razorlight (Classic, but I like this track the most at the moment)
  • Wincing the Night Away – The Shins (Hadn’t heard this until the other day! Travesty! But I like Red Rabbits the best.)

Just four more days.

I’d Quite Like a Vuvuzela

16 Jun

I think it would make daily activities a little more exotic.

Or bee-like.

I wanted to write a proper, deep, thoughtful post about music and love and vegetables and football, but there is literally too much going on in my head.
It’s like some sort of simile.

Last night, I did something I hadn’t done in a really long time. I put on my ‘loop song’. I hadn’t looped that song since year 12, (27 consecutive plays, I think) so it was an odd nostalgia trip to spend an hour listening to it in the dark last night.

The song is ‘Happy Up Here’ by Royksopp, by the way.

I don’t know what it is about that song, but it shuts my brain up for a bit. And for some reason, that has been necessary of late.


That’s what I was thinking of writing a post about! The science, the application, the potential for development of our understanding of our own minds…

I might put that loop song back on and write a post about lucid dreams soon.

Seven Minutes til Monday

13 Jun

I’m one dinosaur richer,
Spleen crushed by hijackers,
A tiny spun glass idea
Dropped so slowly…

Then it bursts on cement and filaments fly

Its death is my savior!
Its existence made me think
Too hard, and experiment
With plum and pink…

But the overall effects are quite pleasing

My room is so clean
I started when I walked in.
The carpet is real?
I thought I’d dreamed it.

But tomorrow, it will snow tutorial sheets again.

Mop Dog

12 Jun

A Komondor

 A Cat in a Pot

This is actually a photo one of my parents took back in the day of their cat in a pot. You just don't see pot-cats like this these days...

A Good Website

Cool Things In Random Places

Review: Retrospect

10 Jun

Retrospect has been known to flicker in and out of vogue, and if current vibes are anything to go on, retrospect is making a comeback this season.
Yes, that’s right ladies. Head to those cupboards and pull out everything that reminds you of the past, wear it proudly, and recall with a quiet smile just how different a person you would’ve been back then if you’d known what you know now. It’s like the eighties, but with less neon.

So exactly what is it about retrospect that has critics going mad right now?

Think about it.

Retrospect has a frightening tendency to rear its ugly head in the most bizarre situations, and usually to the most frustrating ends.

You find yourself in a position that you never imagined you’d be in. Maybe it’s understanding a concept that you failed horrifically at a year ago, being able to drive when you never imagined getting off your Ls, being friends with people you never thought you’d be friends with, feeling at home in a building that once terrified you…

Retrospect, I can find myself lost in your icy tendrils of recollection for hours. Especially when I should be studying.

4 stars.