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A Less Serious Poem

26 May

Reverend Peters locked his car,
Slowly climbed the stairs,
And pushed open the church’s doors,
To lead the morning prayers.

His parish watched him, glassy eyed,
Barely half-awake,
Then from the back row came a cry,
“The carpark has escaped!”

The congregation turned as one,
And saw the little girl,
Her nose pushed at the windowpane,
Her pigtails a-twirl.

Sure enough, to their surprise,
The little girl was right!
The tarmac of the parking lot
Had somehow taken flight!

Little chunks of bitumen
Were rising steadily,
With absolutely no regard
For sense, or gravity.

“The end has come! It’s Judgment Day!”
Mrs Mayfield cried,
But no one heard her fearful sobs;
The crowd had run outside.

…To be continued.


A Very Serious Poem

25 May

Chemistry Lab

Cradling beakers
In the gentle, outstretched arms
Of the balance.

Counting each crystal
and watching the scale tip,
Precise like a knife.

A drizzle of white
That eats black edges into
Flesh and bone and steel.

This liquid trickles
Melting crystals to honey,
Viscous yellow fire.

Steady swirl of glass
Over carefully caged flame,
‘til tiny bubbles breathe.

With each coil of smoke,
The nectar deepens, redder,
Then the glass is a ruby.

Cold grey iron
Tamed, and painted sunsets,
Warmed by the flask.

Her magic complete,
The alchemist sits to watch
Her glitter growing.


20 May

I love you, won’t you tell me your name?

Cory Monteith gets points, me thinks.

Things I learned today;

  • Apple and Cinnamon candles are delicious.
  • Green sheets are very out right now, according to the old lady working in Adairs. Dark green is a cold colour and no one in their right minds would buy dark green bedding in winter. It’s just plain foolish! … Thanks, lady, but Target was selling them and now my room looks like a forest.
  • Positions at Pajenkas can be enlightening. 6 o’clock, 6 o’clock!!
  • Vampire Weekend? Is that like Twilight?
  • We have a biology quiz tomorrow. Whoops! Better memorise some of my poetry!

Hello, I love you,
Let me jump in your game, dearest
Glee cast singing boys.

PS. Please note that I have used a MEME in this post, and the effect of this may be misleading. Just to clear things up, here is a little pictorial thing…

Just if you missed that; Ezra is GOOD, Edward is BAD.

Edit: Cory was feeling left out. Sorry Cory. Here you go.


19 May

This is what grows if you plant birdseed. Or so I’m led to believe.

And this is very impressive, in my humble opinion. I’m a lover of Beck (why wouldn’t you be?) from a long way back, and I approve of this version highly.

And finally, to bring back the haiku…

A case of sniffles
And miscommunication
And winter returns.

Best New Awesome

18 May

The award for best new awesome (in the category of ‘music’) goes to Jonathan Boulet.

I should point out that ‘new’ in this context means ‘new to me’, so if this is old news to you young hipsters, I apologise.

Jonathan Boulet, if I have researched adequately, is a 21 year old from Sydney whose purpose in life is to make people dance wildly and feel great about themselves. He and his band caught our attention at GTM with their powerful rhythms, then lured us in with fantastic harmonies and by being not too shabby looking.

Fact of the matter is, it was weird to see five or six guys singing in harmony and still looking like proper Aussie skaters who you would, in any other circumstance,  probably yell at for being layabouts. The contrast was only noticeable for a moment because the sincere energy of their music became somewhat transcendent. This is JB’s big hit at the moment, and I think any support/publicity this guy can get would be most deserved. Listen, dance, be happy!

Our First Anniversary

18 May

Dear All,

You are all wonderful and attractive people. For an entire year, I have been updating this blog. I used to update a whole heap more regularly, but I think the overall quality has benefited from my sudden interest in bad poetry.

I actually missed the anniversary by an entire 6 days, but as a belated celebration, here is my post from THIS VERY DAY AN ENTIRE YEAR AGO!

I shall make a musical tribute to my blog and post it ASAP. Sian will help.

Yours respectfully, and lovingly, and grateful for your readership,

El, Who Has Learned Very Little In The Past Year.

A Dark and Mysterious Poem

18 May

In a shady alleyway,
Waiting ’til it’s dark,
A character in shady clothes,
Stands shadily.

He’s a protein trafficker.


18 May

Where do proteins go from here?
A question I must ask,
Learning where they go, I fear,
Could be a tiresome task.

Proteins may be modified,
They may need help to fold correctly,
By cleavage of some termini,
Enzyme activity.

Other proteins lend a hand,
Cell stress can save the day,
To help a protein make a stand,
And fold its special way.

Chaperoning foldy bits,
With stupid, complex names,
When a folding error hits,
No more fun and games.

Symmetry in bio? Ha!
A seven-sectioned blob,
They actively have come so far,
Their existence makes me sob.

An Hour Of Mind Splurge

11 May

Concept Style Draft of -Title Pending-

Before roads were birds
A coin flip would suffice,
Now we wander,
Nets over shoulders,
Hoping to catch the shiniest in the sky.

Cobblestones sprouted cottony down,
Wings unfolded from cracking concrete,
And with laboured beats,
Entire streets
Pulled themselves into the clouds.

We shielded our eyes from the sun,
Watching as plumage pushed through cement,
Gleaming eyes
And harsh cries
Filled the air above us.

Now the high road and the low road
Both have golden crests and claws.
They weave and play
And swoop away
Leaving travellers bewildered.

Fistfuls of feathers flurry and fall,
As we grasp at opportunities that flutter past,
The sky is dark
With every path
We could ever choose to take.

This is more or less an idea splurge, I think that this poem could really benefit from a rigid rhythm and a consistent rhyme scheme. Thoughts?