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No bell?

11 Oct

Tonight, I have seen three possums, actually RAN somewhere (the last was quite some time ago), heard a gentleman on a bike say ‘dingle dingle’, and been a traffic obstruction, (which probably caused the dingle-statement). I have also done almost nothing to further my biology report. I just need to finish the stupid discussion section, really. But it’s hard and I’m over it. So this is less of a blog post and more of a venting session in the last 13 minutes before I get kicked out of chifley library. Then get icecream. Probably.  

All I really want right now is to head to the coast, and lie on a beach rather than on a bicycle bridge. And eat pizza and watch movies and listen to music.

Tickets to the Sydney Big Day Out have been secured by a fair percentage of our group. While I’ve done the Melbourne one twice now, Sydney will be a fresh and frightening experience. I can’t wait.

Well, we just got told to leave by library staff. So I’ll be off.

A hasty haiku,
Cannot hope to summarise
Dingle dingle man.