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An Escape from Mathematics

30 Aug

I’ve been studying maths for a full 20 minutes now, so I figure it’s time for a bit of a break. So, here is what I’ve been studying to…

  • I Created Disco – Calvin Harris
  • Best of Moby – Moby
  • The Definitive Monkees – The Monkees… sort of an odd one out, actually…

Last night, my dreams were accompanied by a soundtrack comprising mostly of Acceptable in the 80s, and they involved sharks and waterfalls. Don’t know quite what’s going on there.

Something fun for you to do when/if you’re bored is dance over to youtube and type “Never mind the buzzcocks” into the magical searchy bar. Proceed to watch all of the episodes ever. But don’t stop there, no. Go BACK through the episodes, watch them AGAIN, but this time, make a list of the guests who seem to be from interesting/obscure bands, then type THEM into the magical searchy bar. It it through this process that I discovered The Holloways and The Asteroid Galaxy Tour.

Oh wow, this is quite cool also…I mean, take a wonderful song, then perform it in a street… And she has a wonderful jacket. If you want to see more stuff like that, find the Take Away Concert series on youtube. Tis French and indie and lovely.

I know this is a link-heavy post, but if I was going to make a mixtape, this would be the third song I’d put on it. Probably. Stupid mixtape.

Slowly making sense
Of maths, but not of much else.
Think I need icecream.



28 Aug

Hang on, when did this happen? What bizarre series of events led to this stupid conclusion? What on EARTH caused this crazy random happenstance?

Light cones?

Apparently so.

If I were to make a mixtape, this would be the second song I’d put on it… Whoa…thought of a really unsubtle one…I DON’T think I’ll put that one on….Just this one.

The weather grows warm,
Summer grows even closer…
Will it all work out?

New Adventures

22 Aug

“Mercy!” she cried. “I am but a lowly receptionist!”

“Quiet!” yelled the gunman. “You’ll do as I say!”

The lowly receptionist whimpered.

“Now, where is the gold?”

The gun clicked. It was cold against her temple.

“What gold?” she asked, tears running down her face… “There’s no gold here…”

“No gold? Do you take me for a fool?” The gun shook. “Who ever heard of a medical office with no gold??”

“We’re just human resources and finance!”



“So, no gold…” He lowered the gun.

“No, I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay,” the gunman said, slouched over.

“I am very sorry.” the lowly receptionist said nervously.

“No, it’s fine. I just haven’t had very much luck so far today.”

“Not enjoying your work? I can relate.” The lowy receptionist sighed as the phone rang. “Just a moment,” she said to the gunman. He waited patiently as she answered the call and scribbled down a message for the office manager.

“That is the fourth time today that guy has called.”

“Is he an important business correspondant?”

“No, he’s meant to be fixing the printer.”


The gunman leaned across the counter and sighed.

“Do you ever wish you could just get out of your 9 to 5 job and go do interesting things for a change?”

“And your 9 to 5 job is…?”

“Robbing banks, offices, so on.” The gunman put his gun on the counter. “It starts to drag after a while, and there is surprisingly little money in a life of crime.”

“Bet there’s more in crime than in receptioning.”

“You’d be surprised.”

The pair stared into space for a moment.

“You know what I’d like to do?” the gunman said thoughtfully. The lowly receptionist asked what.

“Travel to exotic lands, have adventures, find lots of gold, meet interesting people.”

“That sounds like a dream.” the lowly receptionist said, a wistful smile on her face. “But nothing the exciting could ever happen to me.”

The gunman looked at the lowly receptionist and smiled.

“Why not?”


“Why couldn’t that happen? What’s stopping you from hightailing it to strange and wonderful lands and enjoying your life?”

“Lots of things!” the lowly receptionist said, incredulously.

“Do you have a family to care for?”

“Well, no…”

“A boyfriend you can’t leave behind?”

“Not exactly…”

“Important, exciting, well-paying career?”

“Obviously not.”

“A dog?”

“No…I have a fish named – ”

“So give it to a friend to look after!”

“I don’t really have many friends…none that would care for my fish, at least….”

“A friend who wouldn’t care for a fish isn’t a friend worth having.”

“I guess so….”

“You guess so?? You know so! Now come with me, we’ll hop on a plane and fly to an exotic land!”

“Who’ll answer the phones?”

“Who cares? This will be the best decision you’ve ever made!”

“We have no money for plane tickets…”

“And there’s no gold here, is there?” the gunman looked disappointed. The lowly receptionist thought for a moment, then made a daring suggestion.”

“There IS the petty cash box…you know, money for buying lunches for big meetings. If we took that, and put in a little from my savings, we might be able to get cheap flights…”

“Sounds both perfect and daring!” cried the gunman.

And so, the Gunman and the Lowly Receptionist liberated the petty cash box, hopped on the next flight to some exotic land, and in doing so, escaped the humdrum existences of their 9 to 5 jobs.

This is their story…

The Fearless Adventurer and the Intelligent Historian.



In other news, I think I’ll start making a new mixtape. If I were to make a mixtape, the first song I would put on it would be this.


Studying for chem,
And trying to balance out
My vector feelings.

The Hug Monster

19 Aug

page 1page 2page 3

Why will nobody

page 5page 6page 7

page 8

page 9


4 Aug

A summary of the Diversity Bio Course, msn convo style.


Erasmus Verdigris says:

diversity is so much fun

L&/ … We’re fated to pretend… says:


Erasmus Verdigris says:

and squids and octopus

Erasmus Verdigris says:

this is what a mollusc is

Erasmus Verdigris says:

a squid is a kind of mollusc

Erasmus Verdigris says:

they have tentacles

Erasmus Verdigris says:

here is a picture of a squid next to a car, as you can see it is larger than the car

Erasmus Verdigris says:

this is an octopus, they have no shell or bones

Erasmus Verdigris says:

they is squishy

L&/ … We’re fated to pretend… says:


Erasmus Verdigris says:

here is a picture of an octupus opening a jar to get the shrimp out

L&/ … We’re fated to pretend… says:

sounds like awesome

Erasmus Verdigris says:

this is a jellyfish

Erasmus Verdigris says:

they are big and squishy

Erasmus Verdigris says:

and stingy

Erasmus Verdigris says:

ra ra ra ra ra

Erasmus Verdigris says:

   it is quite fun
Erasmus Verdigris says:

and i also learned, in diversity, that if a cow had the metabolism of a mouse it would     spontaneously catch on fire


Erasmus Verdigris, you rock my socks.

My Expedition Continues

3 Aug

Our trek to the Walled Kingdom was long and treacherous. We passed through the towns of Copland, McCtheatre, the Forest of Forestry, and the ancient tribal village of Bo’Zo. We met many strange and wonderful people on our voyage; Great scholars, powerful warriors, loud tavern-keepers, and students of the magical arts always followed by trails of sweet smoke that seemed to make them dizzy and happy.

We walked bravely down roads, rather than footpaths as is the norm in most societies. Occasionally Mallowfrost, whose eyesight was ten times greater than my own, would exclaim “carriage!” and we would bravely run from the path of the heavy-hoofed horses. Our feet grew weary often, but only because the ground was uneven and covered in annoyingly shaped pebbles. Quite soon, we found ourselves lost. Eiwob suggested we follow the moon, and we did so, despite the moon’s tendency to roam the skies listlessly.

We remained lost for quite some time.

Things I have learned today;

  • Not a lot. It’s only 9:50.

Music school coffee
Is worth the walk through the cold.
At least, I think so.

My Expedition Begins

2 Aug

This morning, I packed my bags and headed off on an expedition. I met with my chaperones at a seedy bar. We drank ale for a short time, and spoke of unusual things we’d seen.
Eiwob, the soft-spoken assassin told me of oceans frozen solid by sudden leaps into winter, waves still curled and icy spray suspended mid-air as though by art. He told me of days he’d spent crossing the frozen oceans, ever fearful of stepping on thin ice and falling into unfathomable depths of black, briny ink.
Wym the Barbarian told me of his year in the Sky Desert; the plateau balanced on the needle-sharp point of Mount Ret, wide as the mountain is tall. Each day, slaves of the Sky Desert must count every grain of sand that blows across the plateau, and ensure that the weight of the grains on one side never outweighs that of the other side, lest the desert tumble from the sky.
Mallowfrost, the Elven minstrel sang to me songs of his forest home, Horizon Wood, where the trees grow from the red cliff-face, parallel to the ground a great distance below.

Pleasantries exchanged, my crew set forth. Our task was simple in nature, but deadly in execution; Five mystical items existed and it was our job not to find them, as would be typical of an expedition, but to hide them, so that man could never again unleash the awesome destruction that the five combined has once before wrought.

We would venture first to the Walled Kingdom.


Things I have learned today:

  • Never exhale while eating a biscuit that is 98% loose icing sugar.
  • 5 o’clock is free-donut o’clock.
  • There is a statue of Winston Churchill hidden somewhere on campus, and can only be found if you walk past the same spot three times thinking “we need to find a statue of Winston Churchill”.

My friend is quite right,
To suggest I embellish
My entries a bit