15 Jul

It has been quite some time, hasn’t it? I won’t deny that I’ve been incredibly lazy with this blog, but do not blame me! NOTHING interesting happens on holidays…not compared to time spent at uni. Social isolation + children to care for = very little to write about.

But today I saw an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, an amazing kids’ TV show featuring an elongated red pimple-ball, a pink teardrop with a flower growing out of her skull, a bipolar long armed green thing, an arctic cat with a distaste for yoghurt, a bland yellow robot, and the wonderful DJ Lance Rock. Oh, how his orange jumpsuit fills me with glee.

Today’s episode was about robots. It featured a segment that I think was a veiled message about the dangers of creating AI machines (they started to build more of their kind to be ‘friends’ with… It probably should’ve ended with a violent universal takeover, humankind enslaved forever…). BUT the most wonderful thing about this episode was the Cool Tricks section, where a familiar face volunteered to show us his cool trick… (this isn’t the actual segment on Yo Gabba Gabba, because I can’t find that yet, but you get the gist…just imagine this, but with a really bright coloured background, and about 4 minutes longer.)

It made my day, honestly. Almost as much as the Jack Black episode did.

Other things that have been going on include me being in Queensland and conducting an experiment of sorts I liked to call ‘For how long can El not eat before dying?’. Science. I learnt that it only takes about 2 days before I start to get dizzy. It also gave me an idea for this week’s Challenge…(remember those? I HAVE been quite slack…).

The Challenge:
Find a place in Canberra that sells good quality frozen yoghurt. They have it EVERYWHERE in Brisbane. It’s just not fair.

Next week is BUSH WEEK, which should be excellent. The HvZ stall will be up and running, hundreds of sign-ups being taken, etc… I just need to track down some bamboo in order to finish my banners. Or maybe broom handles. Guess we’ll see.

And my haiku, detailing the only useful thing I’ve achieved today;

Picking my lab times,
Stuck doing the HPO
With zero knowledge.


3 Responses to “Robots!”

  1. Scott July 15, 2009 at 6:41 am #

    Goodberries in Erindale sells very good frozen custard 🙂 You can put all sorts of things like mnm’s, oreo’s, jaffa’s, fudge etc. In it. Might not be the same thing you’re thinking of though.

    See you on wednesday!

    • El July 15, 2009 at 1:05 pm #

      I care not for your frozen custard, mortal! It is the icy tang of yoghurt I desire, and nothing else!
      But yeah, Goodberries is nice. 😛

      And wednesday is sure to be one of two things:
      A complete and utter disaster,
      An ultimate success beyond comprehension.

      I’m hoping for the latter. It’ll be awesome. 🙂

  2. Pat July 21, 2009 at 7:51 am #

    Mr. an Mrs. Smith had a wonderful life.
    They were a normal, happy husband and wife.
    One day they got news that made Mr. Smith glad.
    Mrs. Smith would would be a mom
    which would make him the dad!
    But something was wrong with their bundle of joy.
    It wasn’t human at all,
    it was a robot boy!
    He wasn’t warm and cuddly
    and he didn’t have skin.
    Instead there was a cold, thin layer of tin.
    There were wires and tubes sticking out of his head.
    He just lay there and stared,
    not living or dead.
    The only time he seemed alive at all
    was with a long extension cord
    plugged into the wall.

    Mr. Smith yelled at the doctor,
    “What have you done to my boy?
    He’s not flesh and blood,
    he’s aluminum alloy!”

    The doctor said gently,
    “What I’m going to say
    will sound pretty wild.
    But you’re not the father
    of this strange looking child.
    You see, there still is some question
    about the child’s gender,
    but we think that its father
    is a microwave blender.”

    The Smith’s lives were now filled
    with misery and strife.
    Mrs. Smith hated her husband,
    and he hated his wife.
    He never forgave her unholy alliance:
    a sexual encounter
    with a kitchen appliance.

    And Robot Boy
    grew to be a young man.

    Though he was often mistaken
    for a garbage can.

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