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My lack of morning elegance

28 Jun

This is a pretty little song I found quite by accident. The video clip is clever too…

Things I’ve learnt;

  • Foxtel is awesome.
  • My hair is way too long. This time next week, I shall be back to middle length, easy to manage gingerness.
  • Being able to watch videos on an iPod is truly a magical experience.

My very first post on this blog was about my loss of iPod. My beautiful green nano vanished, and has not been seen since that fateful day, over a month ago. Things have come full circle though, for now I have a new new iPod, Pip III, a black 16g, now filled with excellent music and a few episodes of JONAS. Between Pip III and my DS, my roadtrip to QLD shall be a breeze…

BUT I need some sort of program that’ll convert DVDs to files I can put on Pip III…Any suggestions?

You know something’s wrong,
When waking at eleven
Is way too early.



23 Jun

I don’t want people thinking that I have an unhealthy fascination with the teen pop sensation The Jonas Brothers, because I don’t. I just happen to appreciate them musically and have now found a slight interest in their TV show, the aptly titled ‘JONAS’, (aptly titled because that is more or less what the show is about). I am a mature, independent female with excellent taste in music, but I’m allowed to watch Disney Channel shows now and then while I paint my nails, right?? Right!

So, here is a blow-by-blow account/review of episode 3 of JONAS. Consider it a community service; I watch it so YOU don’t have to. (Note, I’m writing this AS I watch the episode, I have never seen it before, so all observations are purely ‘in the moment’!)

– Opening with all three brothers ordering really bad pizza so they can perve on the cute girl who delivers the Italian dish. Firstly, she’s wearing more eyemakeup than I’d expect the uniform code to allow. Secondly, from here, I would like to predict that the episode will involve all three brothers fighting, trying to win her over, only to find out a) she’s taken, b) she’s awful, c) she’s an atheist.
– Frankie Jonas (the less known, not-in-the-band, youngest sibling) is easily the best thing about this series. All the wit of a Disney Channel script-writer contained in a pint-sized package of ‘will-I-ever-live-up-to-my-super-star-older-brothers’ fuelled attitude.
– Oh, this is unexpected. They’re on speaking terms with the girl. They address her by name, and seem unnaturally fascinated with her eyes and hair. The camera never shows us anything but her lovely, too well-made-up face. What could this mean…?
– “Have you guys tried sweat-pants? There’s a lot more wiggle-room.” says Nick. Shudder.
– “Her hair is shiny like eggplant.” “And she smells like toasted oregano.” These guys can WIN the ladiez.
– Song time! Title – I Fell In Love With the Pizza Girl. Pretty much sums it up, yeah. She’s making pizza with her hair out, which I’m sure breaches health codes.
– Oh! They have a Book of Lore! If more than one member of the band likes the same girl, none can ask her out! They’re so clever to have forseen such an event! Nothing can possibly go wrong now.
– OH MY GOD SOUND OF MUSIC REFERENCE. Kevin – “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” (pizza girl = Maria)
– Okay, this show just gets better. Kevin is a bundle of witticisms, Joe’s eyebrows are a character in themselves, and Nick, well, he provides some level of plot. Only one can actually act. I’m not sure which yet. For anyone who cares, they’re ALL going to ask her out and see who wins, in BLATANT violation of their code. NOT a good message, lads.
– There’s some random with a crossbow. Wow.
– Kevin to Maria in regards to all three brothers liking her: “We could share you…” Maria, wisely, follows with “I’m outta here.” You go, girl.
– Conclusion: the boys agree never to be competitive again, especially over someone they barely know. I also think it’s a comment on the role of junk food in American society, how it is a danger to healthy rocking out, etc.

So, I think I’ll go watch episode 4 now. For….science…

Sonny With a Chance
Will never be as good as
That’s So Raven was.


UPDATE: Episode 4 contains a Paul Simon reference. See? They have musical credibility. More than any reader who hasn’t heard Graceland has, at least.

Lines, Vines, and Crack Cocaine

22 Jun

If your mind is on something, it’s the same as something being on your mind. From this, we can conclude that it doesn’t actually matter where in the stack of things your mind is, as long as it is in immediate contact with the things you’re thinking about.

In other news, I downloaded the Jonas Brothers’ new album today, and so far, it is proving to be excellent. Don’t Charge Me For the Crime is one HECK of a song. SO gritty. These guys are regular rebels! I guess I expected that, what with their new album title so clearly being a drug reference. Lines of WHAT, boys, of WHAT precisely?? Kevin, if you’re reading this, give me a call. I’ll work some steel drum into your next single.

Things I’ve learned;

  • I really want a steel drum. Or a trip to Trinidad. I mean seriously, have you HEARD steel drums?? They’re amazing.
  • Not a lot else. Uni’s done, so I’m not constantly having knowledge forced into my fragile little brain.
  • Oh, I have a sudden craving for over-the-top fantasy novels. Wizards and dragons and the like. Dangerous? Likely.

Internet dying,
How annoying can you get?
Probably very.

SAVING… Do not turn off the power!

21 Jun

Remember that glitch in 1st and 2nd gen Pokemon games, where you’d switch off the game while it was saving and clone things? Good fun. I remember I was in the process of making a MILLION Masterballs in Gold using that glitch when the game’s internal battery finally died, wiping my file and casting my Growlithe and Typhlosion out into cyber-limbo.

It’s actually hilarious how sentimental I can get about Pokemon. My first ever Pikachu was like my best friend… He was with me through my appendectomy, most of year 4 and 5, and then was deleted by my little brother. I cried for a week. Even now, my lovely Shinx, Aether, has become like a child to me. Seeing her destroyed by that HORRIBLE Kingdra brought me to tears. TEARS!

Stupid Kingdra.

Anyway, freedom is sweet, albeit a little boring. I mean, I have Pokemon, which is AWESOME, but other than that, I’m at a loss for things to do! I’m thinking of buying sheets and making HvZ banners with fabric paint and red dye. Anyone who wants to help is more than welcome.

So, back to things I have learned:

  • Rice pudding is really nice.
  • My dog has a friend. It’s this scary looking black dog that can jump our fence. They run around and chase each other, but don’t seem to want to kill one another or mate, so I approve of the relationship. Gave me a start when I looked out my window and saw a strange dog in the yard though.
  • My dreams are getting back to their normal levels of weirdness. Last night’s was PARTICULARLY trippy. It involved friends studying for a psych exam in a greenhouse surrounded by pebbles.
  • Karaoke on VH1 late on Saturday nights is a wonderful, wonderful thing. The quality of songs, well, never have I seen so many HITS in a row. *downloads Karma Chameleon*
  • Maths exams are pretty horrible… But I guess we all already knew that.

Any suggestions for fun things to do on my holidays would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and Tuxedo Mask, I know who you are now. Jolly good show, sir.

I caught a Psyduck,
It’s pretty useless, really…
But adorable. 🙂

O Soundtrack My Maths Exam

18 Jun
  • Feed the Animals – Girl Talk
  • Cross/Justice – Justice
  • Alive 2007 – Daft Punk
  • The Boat That Rocked Soundtrack
  • Ratatat – Ratatat
  • The Bends – Radiohead
  • Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles

Just 26.5 more hours, and then I’m free.

Oh, l’Hopital’s Rule,
You are so very useful,
A bit like Thom Yorke.

Retrospect and all its friends

12 Jun
I think this is the result of crossed wires in psyches.
Carbon does not need a beard.

Carbon does not need a beard.

 Someone who DOES need a beard, however, is this fellow, and if you haven’t already joined the Collective, you should, and if you haven’t already invited ALL your friends to join the Collective, you should.

My laptop keyboard actually just electrocuted me…How bizarre.

Retrospect is a funny thing. I say this, because in a week’s time, I will be FINISHED exams, and I will be sitting at home on my own thinking, ‘this time a week ago, I was writing about how I’d be really happy now…’ and it’ll be really cool. It’s really bizarre how much can happen in a week. It’s new to me. From year 8 til year 12, there were probably about 4 or 5 major events, whereas in the last month alone, SO much has gone on. The pace has picked up. I hope life keeps going like this, massive things changing and shifting and ideas flying around like crazy and whims being followed (we played CHECKERS in the RAIN with COOKIES, that was INSANELY good.)

So think about it, people. Where were you this time a month ago, 3 months, 6 months ago? Are things better or worse? Things’ll keep changing, and I hope they keep changing for the better.

We were 8 cookies short for a real game, but the rain added another dimension. Mmm...soggy biscuits...

We were 8 cookies short for a real game, but the rain added another dimension. Mmm...soggy biscuits...

I haven’t learnt anything today, on account of my brain breaking. Chemistry study wins. This medley wins also.

Looking back in time,
Is good in moderation,
Look forward instead.

Just something amusing from Chem…

12 Jun

I post these purely because they’re hilarious. Kudos to the creator of our lecture notes/wise guide through the realms of organic chem (the exam for which I will be failing this time tomorrow).

These are real responses from our ‘What would you like to revise’ quiz.



Back from the Brink…

10 Jun

Well, it has indeed been a while (like what, a week?), and I’m very sorry for being so neglectful.

In my time away, my love of covers has grown. Some fantastic ones include Dr Dog covering Architecture in Helsinki’s Heart it Races, and the Arctic Monkeys throwing down an Amy Winehouse track.
Best of all is this little gem. To anyone familiar with Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend, the line ‘This feels so unnatural, Peter Gabriel too…’ should be recognisable. So, obvious move, get Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip to cover the track in a splendid laid-back fashion.

And in other music news, go to MGMT’s website and watch the new official video for Kids. I really don’t like it, and I can’t listen to the song anymore, because all I can see when I hear it is that poor child being terrified. Although, it is ALMOST worth it for the slow verse, where Andrew and Ben are wearing silver lycra and amazing eyemakeup… Golly gee.
But other than how pretty MGMT is, it’s a scary clip.

Things I’ve learned;

  • Paramore?
  • Either my alcohol is out of key, or is hiding amidst ester…carboxylic acid…
  • Pneumonics are trendy.
  • Hat-tricks of hatred are only good for alliteration.
  • When you start DREAMING about playing Pokemon Platinum, you should probably stop playing it in real life.
  • When you start seeing falling Tetris blocks every time you close your eyes, you should probably stop playing it in real life.
  • Who am I kidding? I live for Tetris.
  • My old pink iPod still works a little, just needed to be charged. Smells all fruit salady.

I’m reading Russell Brand’s autobiography at the moment, My Bookywook, and it’s enlightening. I admit, his childhood does explain a lot, the poor deary. But anyway, Russell Brand is someone we should all look up to, despite his troubled past. I listened to an old “Best Of” podcast (Russell had a show on BBC2 which was very controversially cancelled) that featured a debate between ol’ Russ and Richard Dawkins, (The God Delusion). It was AMAZING. Obviously ‘Dickie’ Dawkins was arguing for the non-existence of any higher power, but Russell was arguing for a ‘God’ like Einstein proposed; a uniting energy rather than a personification. Never have I heard such an intelligent debate. Russell Brand; you are a hero of men, and I will follow you when you begin your revolution of love.

Wish I’d lived back then,
Wish I had a vibraphone,
Wish I had a dress.

Next time on WRAABM!

3 Jun

I feel like I’m being unfaithful to my loyal little blog, so here is a list of things I will discuss when I’m next awake enough to post properly.

Obviously the great cookie checker game of ’09 will be discussed, as will Juno, the first 15 mins of Donnie Darko, the effect such a 15 mins has on a long walk across campus in the dark and rain, doubting the nature of reality and questioning your own psyche, things I learned, like chemistry nonsense, the top 5 problems people had with our course, the fact I’m hungry… And tired… How good Radiohead are (this is the first time I’ve listened to the Bends in its entirity…shameful, I know)

But wait for details in next post, you must.

A day of checkers,
Pastry chess and magic wands,
A see-saw again.


1 Jun

Okay, Google, purveyor of all wisdom, says that the plural of ‘paradox’ is ‘paradoxes’. I still think it sounds weird, but then, paradoxes are by their very nature, weird.

Other weird things include:


It says 'Paradox', but clearly it is a 'Parrotox'.


This one is self-explanatory.

This one is self-explanatory.





Get it? Assume that the Ox is part of a complete circuit... Get it now? Yeah, hahaha...

Get it? Assume that the Ox is part of a complete circuit... Get it now? Yeah, hahaha...


Sorry about that. Interestingly, that’s more or less ALL I did in calculus today. I DID however, learn some things;

  • Apparently I’m not making enough ‘vicious’ comments anymore. This is losing me readership, so, please allow me to rant about the loser who sits in front of me in physics. Gah, everyone hates him so, with his never-ceasing commentary on the lecture. It’s like, gosh, just be quiet for once! Everyone in our tute dislikes him a lot and we speak about him behind his back almost constantly. Geez.
  • Sorry, guy who sits in front of me in physics, but you said you wanted vicious. : )
  • I don’t know why I don’t use people’s names in my posts…Weird.
  • I honestly believe that this is a worthwhile cause.
  • Flu shots don’t hurt when you’re distracted by a little wind-up beetle that does INSANELY cool things, like, spins on the spot, then flips over backwards and then rolls around a bit… And the nurse gave me TWO jellybeans. And a stamp. It’s a teddy bear saying “So brave!”. I felt brave.
  • This is actually a good cause, and a good boredom killer. Seriously people, if we wasted as much time on this as we do on other things (*cough facebook cough*), so many people would benefit.
  • If I was making a mixtape, this would be the fourth song I’d put on it.

Exams draw nearer,
And motivation dwindles…
Piratefox is rad.