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Oh Wolfram, how I love thee…

31 May

Yes, that’s right, I’ve been won over by Wolfram Alpha, previously raved about by a friend prone to raving. It basically tells you answers to things, which is handy in light of the amount of maths homework I have… But more than that, it EXPLAINS its working-out! Step by step integration of trig functions! Astounding! More importantly, it is capable of telling me I am exactly 17.85 years old, and knows the answer to this:42

So, that’s cool.

Things I’ve learned today;

  • I am no where near sufficient enough at any subject I study to pass an exam. Except for physics, which is the subject I don’t have an exam for. Great.
  • Sam Sparro covering American Boy makes me unreasonably gleeful. Also, how the heck can he look so stylish in that outfit?? Ah, Sam, you kooky nerd-boy, you.
  • If I was going to make a mixtape, the third song I’d put on it would probably be this.

School tomorrow. Hopefully exciting things will happen so I have something to write about!

Is an activity that
I strongly condone.


Pictures came and broke your heart…

30 May

The Buggles RULE.

The few things I’ve learned today;

  • I somehow got good at driving in the 6 weeks I haven’t actually driven. It’s easy now, and also a good excuse to yell “Don’t change the CD, this is MY CAR!!” at my mother.
  • There are some fantastic covers out there. I’m talking, really genuinely awful songs being made exceptionally awesome by great bands. My examples: The Veronicas as made good by The Vines, Miley Cyrus made darn funky by The Mae Shi, and Girls Aloud meets Alex Turner’s wonderful accent in a splendid Arctic Monkeys version. Sorry I only ever link to youtube videos… To upload songs directly to my posts would involve buying extra upload-space. I’m a cheapskate.
  • I have rediscovered my love for Turkish Delight. Ever since reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, (the only CS Lewis book I’ve ever read, sadly), I’ve had a mad obsession with the stuff. Turkish Delight > Chocolate, any day.
  • If I was going to make a mixtape, this would be the second song I’d put on it. (Kidding!)

Too much assessment
Plus too little sleep equals
A whirlwind of fun.

I guess not

29 May

Today’s post will be a lesson in musics. Please take out your texts and open to page 54.

Let us begin with MGMT. Now, people who haven’t heard the fearful Electric Feel are few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad song. In fact, it is probably among my favourite songs of all time. The problem with Electric Feel is that it went through a very dramatic “over-playing” stage. (Or at least, this is what I’m told. I heard it, maybe, once on the radio. Then again, I don’t really listen to the radio a whole heap.)
So, the fact that this song was TOO popular probably tarred most people’s images of MGMT as a whole.

To remedy this, I would like to suggest people listen to the Abbey Road recordings of Electric Feel and Time to Pretend. In fact, don’t listen to them, WATCH them. Enjoy the visual experience that is MGMT, and appreciate their ability to perform their music in a slightly left-of-centre live session. Love ’em.

Things I have learned today/yesterday;

  • Stockings with zips really would be ultimately popular.
  • Sine waves are dizzying, but might be worthwhile.
  • Ball lightning. Well, I learned more about what some people say about it. But my mother tells me that ball lightning was a pretty accepted thing when she was growing up on the farm in QLD. Not COMMON as such, but certainly something believed in and encountered by family and friends around the area. Cool.
  • If I was going to make a mixtape, this would be the first song I’d put on it. : )

My mother and I just had a rockin’ little jam session; Stairway to Heaven and Where is my Mind. Our guitars were BARELY tuned together. I like to call that “lo-fi”. : )

Drowning my sorrow
In salt and water. Not tears,
But sweet chilli chips.

Have a good weekend!

I am arriving and bringing the fire

27 May

That’s right. When I arrive, I, I bring the fire.

Just for those of you who didn’t know.

So, Tuxedo Mask, you remain elusive and engimatic. That’s okay, I’m enjoying the mystery, but hear this: You will be found. I am a woman of determination and firey will. In the words of Jimmy the Reach, ‘I always get my man’.

Things I’ve learned today;

  • My mother has suddenly taken an interest in facebook, occasionally saying to me “show me interesting people” to which I say, “Oh mother, where ever to begin?!”
  • Something about imaginary numbers. I wasn’t really listening, despite a friend’s attempt to make it interesting for me, (sorry for shooting you down, man, but it was algebra. ALGEBRA!)
  • Something that DOES improve algebra/all maths is this wonderful song, which takes something boring and makes it inappropriate.
  • Voltage Chillers from GJ aka Hillsong-Coffee-Central are the best cure for what ails you. Well, only if what ails you is a distinct lack of sleep.
  • I probably would really like to sing or busk sometime soon, but will also probably require someone to FORCE me to, on account of cold-feet.

I would like to put a couple of requests out. First of all, I need mp3s of a couple of obscure songs from under-rated Disney sequels… Lesson Number One from Mulan 2, and Dig a Tunnel from Lion King 3. If you can find such things, please let me know!
Secondly, I think everyone should download and listen to this song. It was written by a friend for another friend based on an excellent holiday in Melbourne early this year. We basically lived on public transport for a few days, so Bowie the Ticket Machine became something of a running joke. Also, it’s one of the best originals I’ve heard in a long while, very clever lyrics. (Good work, Hame!)

The Challenge remains the same as yesterday’s.

All good things in life
Can be reduced to two words;
Drama and music.

Ah, to be able to dress that quickly…

26 May

An odd day has been had by all… Well, by me.

First of all, Tuxedo Mask…you are a mysterious character. So mysterious, in fact, you inspired me to look up this, which I haven’t seen in quite some time. The nostalgia is thick like mud, or pudding.

I’m not going to lie, I loved Sailor Moon with a passion, and on trawling through hundreds of videos on youtube, I’ve rediscovered the passion. I loved/continue to love the costume-change scenes more than anything. There’s something overly gorgeous about the colour and the music, maybe something to do with combining sweet outfits and kickass special powers… I don’t know. More recently, (maybe year 11 ish?) I got into Tokyo Mew Mew (because my sister watched it every morning…don’t judge me!) and similar thing; bizarrely compelling transform scenes.


Some things I learned today;

  • Not going to maths lectures is always a good move, especially if you spend the hour in the company of lovely people.
  • My crude ‘sound-system’ (two ancient computer speakers hidden under my bed) has finally died. So now I have no iPod AND no speakers.
  • There are people in the world I just want to grab by the shoulders and shake violently until they learn not to be IDIOTS, but I’m not allowed.
  • Purple Haze gets better every time I hear it.

The Challenge:

Today’s Challenge is simple: Find Tuxedo Mask.

Back in the old days,
Playing at kindergarden,
I was always her.

To Spite a Friend

25 May

…Or prove a point!

Things have been HECTIC. Well, no, they haven’t. I’m just terrible at time management.

Things I learned yesterday (because today hasn’t been today for very long);

  • Algebra can be FUNNY, but never FUN.
  • Pretty awesome things can happen if you just talk to people.
  • Chem lab reports LOSE.
  • I have never been more sleepy in my whole life.
  • Some fools have never heard this song, or this one, or this one. (Little conceited? Maybe. Who cares? 😛 )
  • The hare WILL beat the tortoise.

And I will write a longer post tomorrow, I promise.


Spiting a friend with
This hastily prepared entry
Chem isn’t too bad.

The Curse

23 May

I don’t think today’s blog shall be too long, as people may be using their weekends for things more productive/fun than reading my nonsensical ramblings.

Things I have learned today:

  • Level E3 Physics WebAssign homework is about 12 times easier than level E2. Hooray!
  • Cadbury chocolate comes in weird cardboard wrappers now… Or at least, the stuff I ate tonight did, and it was uncomfortable and unpleasant encountering chocolate packaged so.
  • The seesaw theory holds. Today has been MUCH better.
  • Evan Almighty is probably one of my favourite movies. If Morgan Freeman was actually God, I’d re-enroll myself. Seriously.
  • That 70s Show is just my life, but with cooler clothes and funnier people. And a studio audience.

Fez: I said good day!

I found the website of one of my favourite modern artists, Candice Breitz. Her stuff is so clever.

Trying to work out
The signs in the coffee cup…
Symbolism wins.

It’s uncanny, you’d think it was me

22 May

I feel like a quote out of context
Withholding the rest
So I can be for you what you want to see…

I’ve rediscovered another album. Could you tell? I also reorganised/added links –>
If you (being the general public, all four of you who read this) ever want to buy me things, check out Eclectic Eccentricities Jewellery. I mean, wow.

Things I have learned this fine day;

  • The world has a funny way of balancing anything remotely good that happens with something quite awful. Call it life’s lovely little seesaw.
  • Jane Austen + Zombies = Probably a quite good book.
  • Ben Folds Five songs performed by A Cappella groups are hilarious/fantastic.
  • Queen songs performed by A Cappella groups are also hilarious/fantastic.
  • Ohmigod they do Regina Spector too!
  • I love Cloud 9 A Cappella.

Hilarious story told to me today by a good friend about being pulled over by the fuzz. He was being RBT’d (like this, but without the MSG) and the officer was having a go at him for not being a drinker. Best line:
Other cop to the officer talking to my friend: “Leave him, Dave. He’s not worth it.”



Unexpected things,
A brief sting, youtube cures all.
Must. Start. A. Choir.

Have a good weekend, all.

A merry throng, a gleeful song, and some zombies

21 May

Quote for today: “Telepathy with yourself… Isn’t that called ‘thinking’?”

Yes, yes it is.

Ah, I have such insightful friends.

Today was one of the better days I’ve had so far. Humans versus Zombies advertising officially began in Union, and while I’m certain most people either didn’t see anything at all or DID see us, but were annoyed by us, there were enough enthusiastic people around to really lift my spirits. Almost to the point of perhaps me seeming a little out of it. *smile!*

Things I learned in my unusual bout of extroversion today;

  • Being extroverted is a LOT more fun than being shy. It’s only in the past week or so that I’ve somehow chosen to actually talk to people, and wouldn’t you know, people are cool! Go people!
  • Intergration by parts. I’ve heard people talk about it a lot, it’s quite cool.
  • The ginger-radar theory still holds strong. At one point, there were probably 5 or 6 of us in one (shady) place.
  • My abilities stretch to about 4.5. Hopefully this law will be broken at some stage this year/decade, but we’ll see.
  • Rediscovering albums is a wonderful activity, but can also be heartbreaking in the event that your iPod has been STOLEN and you have nothing to listen to old favourites on. (Oh No by OK Go, if anyone’s wondering)

The Challenge:

Today’s Challenge is open to interpretation. It is; sit somewhere weird. Yes, that’s right. Just sit somewhere weird. You be the judge of how weird, how long, what you do, what you experience. Take part, post findings. Enjoy your sit.


Finally, a haiku, then perhaps an early night.

Shambolic creatures
Eating brains and forcing change…
Gosh, I hate that band.


When Pigeons Attack

20 May

Today, we were attacked by a pigeon. I believe the pigeon was provoked, but the experience was harrowing nevertheless.

What I learned today;

  • Males + Whiteboards = Why do I even bother going to tutes anymore?
  • Algebra lectures + in-jokes about the Matrix (bullet-clown-car, anyone?) = Why do I even bother going to algebra lectures anymore?
  • Butterfly nets should never be lined with razor wire.
  • Theatresports is a wonderful way to vent exam-jitters, (Frank Sinatra and the wedding cake heist…what could be funnier?)
  • Often it is quite difficult to put into words things that you think might hurt people, but if left unsaid, will probably end up a hundred times more painful.
  • My philosophy essay was actually meant to be due tomorrow. Apparently. Ger.

I have a new regular thing to put in my blogs. It is what I will call ‘The Challenge’. Basically, I will suggest a ‘Challenge’, and people who are so inclined may undertake the ‘Challenge’, and report back to me via commenting on the relevent post. There will be no time limit for the ‘Challenge’ generally, and I would love feedback about how people go with them. So, onward!

The Challenge

Today’s Challenge is: Maintain eye contact with a stranger for only a fraction longer than is ‘socially normal’, and gauge their response. Do you get a smile? Weird look? If they’re walking past, do they slow down, or speed up? Do they call the police? Do they ask you out? The eye contact challenge has begun!

Oh, and another thing. Look at this picture, imagine it happening in real life, and decide whether it’d be hilarious as I think it would be.

"...I'm sorry...?"

"...I'm sorry...?"

And my haiku;

Any day filled with
Hysterical giggling
Must be a good day.